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Watch how this cop talks to this child

*WARNING* VULGAR Language used in this video.

Granted, I do not condone this child's behavior. What do you think? I think this cop should have never snooped to this 10 year old kids level and maybe given the child some positive enforcement for his vulgar language.


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I think the

policeman was trying to connect with the kids. The policeman seem to try and change the subject but the child was fascinated with it. To be honest I would be shocked to hear such things from a child and rather sad for the child.

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kick-flip. kids got skills and a dirty mouth.

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I don't really see the point here

Yeah, his language was "vulgar" but he was not doing anything that I saw as wrong really. It's not his place to be that childs parent...

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Funny this is voted down, vs just ignored

Pointing out that adults in urban areas are vulgar and are indulgent of vulgar children, not really Daily Paul material?

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This is garbage

Complete garbage

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WoW!. The policeman found his

WoW!. The policeman found his social niche.


welcome to the mean streets of philly, yo

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