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70 Year Old Non-Criminal Austin Man Killed When Defending Himself from Disarmament

I suppose this is what we have to look forward to when they come to disarm us.


Even at 70, John Schaefer still wore his Austin High School class ring.

He was a proud longtime Austin resident, Victoria Schaefer, his daughter-in-law, said Saturday. He would call his only son at the crack of dawn each year and wake him up to wish him happy birthday.

And he was dedicated to his mother, who shared a duplex with him on Lanshire Drive until her death almost two years ago.

It was there on Friday that a police officer shot and killed John Schaefer after he refused to surrender his gun and then aimed his weapon at the officer, officials said.

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Update: link to search warrant and new spin on story


After shooting Mr. Schaefer the police got a search warrant for his home to confiscate his other weapons and cell phone. The warrant gives details that are very different from the original story. Even the police chief admitted that some "facts" are incorrect. The chief said that Mr. Schaefer did NOT have a holster. The gun was tucked in his waistband.

The story in the warrant seems bogus, IMO. I am surprised that there is so little outcry over this shooting.

More details:

jes wonderin'

Who else witnessed Mr Schaefer drawing on the cop?

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I'm not too sympathetic.

It was profoundly idiotic of him to point his weapon at a police officer and not expect to be shot dead. Rights notwithstanding, you don't pee on an electric fence.

New Hampshire and Ecuador.

So police are electric fences, huh?

How about: you don't steal a man's gun on his own property? Especially, after he just had to defend himself with that same gun?

What would your first reaction be if someone tried to snatch a valuable item from you? You would try to secure it with your own hand. If there was a struggle then inevitably the gun would have gotten pointed in some direction or other.

Sounds like we've got different scenarios in mind.

I was not present, nor did I view video of the encounter, so I can't say whether he deliberately pointed the gun at police. The police are certainly not above fibbing about how it happened. I just know that if you give the police the least reason to think you might attack them, you might as well be kissing a rattlesnake on the lips.

New Hampshire and Ecuador.

Suicide by police?


This guy was not a criminal

...and the police should have known that before they arrived on the scene.


Schaefer's obituary includes a Navy photo and recommendation to donate to the NRA.

They didn't have to KILL him--

I am glad my father is no longer alive to hear/read this kind of thing. He sounds a lot like my dad--

a veteran and an ardent gun person (though probably much better educated)--

Old veterans are fussy about people grabbing their guns--

They didn't have to KILL him.

My father would be a good 20 years older, but still--

'a gentleman'; there aren't many of those left.

That officer should be haunted at night, whether or not he ever pays for what he did.

it's hard to be awake; it's easier to dream--

The Austin gun control resolution WAS passed

at City Council last week, February 28. This was the day before this man's death.

Entire draft of resolution.

Language from this resolution includes this statement below, along with specific measures aimed at limiting types of guns and ammo, crackdowns on gun shows, background checks and databases even on private sales; basically, the whole nine yards.

"..on December 19, 2012, Austin Mayor Lee Leffingwell, as a member of the Mayors Against Illegal Guns, joined this bipartisan coalition of more than 850 mayors in urging President Obama to take immediate and near- term actions to make it harder for dangerous people to illegally possess guns, and easier for police and prosecutors to crack down on them;"

wow- APD is getting some real attentions lately here on DP

They must have a stellar force out there.

"When Whitted went to take

"When Whitted went to take the gun, Schaefer pulled it out and aimed it at the officer, [Police Chief] Acevedo said. Whitted then shot and killed Schaefer."

The whole story orbits around this one sentence, and it is just the word of the officer that this is actually what happened. Even though pointing a gun at a cop seems to be completely outside the personality of this individual, however, wanting to keep his gun on his person might not be, which would be totally reasonable, legal, and would make the cop a murderer.

Dead Men Tell No Tales

...and all that we have left is this "cop" and his "Version" of what happened....which I'd seriously doubt!

"Beyond the blackened skyline, beyond the smoky rain, dreams never turned to ashes up until.........
...Everything CHANGED !!

Release the dash cam APD.

Release the dash cam APD. This is exactly why they kidnapped Antonio.

More details on the shoorting

from KVUE news, the Austin ABC affiliate:

Chief Acevedo says dash cameras and audio recording devices were rolling, though it's not yet known what they captured.

Neighbors heard the gunshots and police are interviewing witnesses.

"I went into the backyard to check out what was going on, didn't really see anything," said one neighbor. "Then I went back inside. Next thing you know, about five minutes later, hear two more shots.

The cop's dashcam was running, with audio. If there really were FOUR shots, fired two-and-two five minutes apart, the dashcam audio will prove it, and that cop is going to have to come up with a better story.

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Don't point a gun at anyone, unless you aim to shoot.

Remember that.

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I'll believe he actually

I'll believe he actually pointed the gun at the cop when I see the dash cam footage.

That's the sort of claim that cops always make when the've shot somebody, because it's practically the only situation where the law allows them to do so. Unfortunately it is often claimed by incompetent or corrupt cops who screwed up and are getting caught at it.

= = = =
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That means: For each job "created or saved" about five were destroyed.

"Contempt of cop"

Another sad but not all that unexpected story. No wonder those Austin
cops don't want people following them around and recording their conduct.

Someone referenced this in the article comments...

"Contempt of cop is law enforcement jargon in the United States for behavior by citizens towards law enforcement officers that the officers perceive as disrespectful or insufficiently deferential to their authority. The phrase is associated with arbitrary arrest and detention and is often discussed in connection to police misconduct such as use of excessive force or even police brutality as a reaction to disrespectful behavior rather than for any legitimate law enforcement purpose.
Arrests for "contempt of cop" may stem from a type of "occupational arrogance" when a police officer thinks he or she should not be challenged or questioned..." (when they bother with arresting, that is)


The Man Was Dead the Moment He Called the Police

...now the lucky officer gets at least a two week vacation while the "justified shooting" gets blessed by investigators.

Don't forget

the promotion he'll receive when he gets back to duty.

If you don't know your rights, you don't have any.


call 911 for any domestic incident.

Just what i was going to say.

Just what i was going to say. Avoid the cops if at all possible.

The old man was an idiot. If

The old man was an idiot. If he had half a brain he would have know that when you call the police you are just as likely to become a suspect as a complainant. He should have just disposed of the dog and if the cops came around just play dumb, "I know nothing."

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Find out what's really going on!
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Cops Fault

The cops made the first mistake by not knowing a persons RIGHTS.

The cop made the second mistake by illegally asking for his gun instead of taking a defensive position and verbally engaging the man.

And now the cop killed a man because of his own illegal actions.

whether than old man pulled or not is moot. and if he did, I wish he had better speed.


Well that's the nice thing

Well that's the nice thing about making mistakes while being a cop, you don't have to worry about being held accountable.

2nd Amendment

I think the 2nd amendment is being viewed by TPTB in the following perspective:

War is Peace
Freedom is Slavery
Ignorance is Strength

and the SHTF

for someone else today. When are you folks going to "get it" - there will be no MASS SHTF - it's incremental and people will be disarmed one at a time.

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Grey Area

exactly, that's why this story is SO important... this is exactly the grey area they will use to take guns.

I just argued with a chick that just didn't get it. I told her, under the same circumstances SHE would have given the cop her gun, and she would be effectively DISARMED.


so true unfortunately.


Christians should not be warmongers! http://www.lewrockwell.com/vance/vance87.html


What bothers me about this is that there was no video released, as yet. There were four shots reported. I wish the video was available to clear up the "he said she said" crap. I am not trusting the cops as much as I did years ago. This cop could help it if the video was just released. It starts looking like a cover-up, if delayed, which will never be good for the cops!