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Woah you gotta see this. TED talks are a big cult.

Great joe rogan interview today.


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I said the same thing right from the start

Well, not the "scientology" part. But I used to pi** off the people at mises.org who posted video after video of these TED losers.

If it looks too good to be true (e.g. wanna-be philosopher kings "suddenly" making an appearance), then it's probably...

ive seen Paul Stamets and Geoff Lawton at TED

infowars spreads hot air sometimes because TED rocks!

So what they have private rules it is a private company you go start a better TED then ... Joe is just going along to get along with this interview... should be benign.

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Couldn't listen to it all. They're very misinformed

TED is a huge thing. It's a rather large honor to get invited and when you accept, you agree to participate to the fullest. Millions of people try to get invited to these because they make every effort to put tons of contacts in your presence to network with. But that must be reciprocated by you. If you leave, a part of that interaction between sessions (not to mention the no longer common info from the missed seminar) is missing from whomever might have wanted to meet you.

In short, it's a private invite with rules. Follow or don't accept. Just don't go bashing them for setting it up that way.

Yes, and very much, to the extent to which it would vary,

then also, and only then in that case yes.

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It didnt sound like they were

It didnt sound like they were bashing as much as they were taken back by his experience.