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Two sheriffs showed up at my back door this afternoon

Two officers from the sheriff's department showed up at my backdoor this afternoon. Here's why:

I had invited the new neighbors whose daughter is in my kid's kindergarten class to my house today. The dad had gone home to get some clothes for his daughter because she got them wet wading in the pool. As he walked back to my house with a pink backpack, he went through my side gate and into my backyard. A neighbor saw him enter my property and called the police because it looked suspicious.

The back sliding glass door was open with a screen door between me and two officers. They saw that all was well with parents and kids playing in the house and left, taking the long way around my property through the other side gate.

I went through the front door and asked why they had gone into my backyard instead of knocking at my front door. They said with the neighbors call, they had a right and probable cause to enter my property. If it had been a burglar/home invader, they couldn't have just knocked at the front door. There have been a few car thefts in the neighborhood lately, and I think the neighbors are watching closely.

So it's all well and justified, I suppose. I'm just glad my new neighbor wasn't outside by himself. They might have drawn their guns on him. I have seen lots of posts about the police state and the "see something, say something" paranoia. So I was a bit freaked out when the police were at my backdoor.

Nothing to see here folks... move along.

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So, I'll blame it on a reading deficiency and a logic block.

What else explains quoting things I didn't write?

Free includes debt-free!


there is no point to this

How are they unlikely? As a

How are they unlikely? As a peace officer in Texas I have on multiple occasions had a spousal abuser try and refuse entry to my partner and I while his bloody wife lay on the floor behind him. We had probable cause and entered.

I have had to go into a house and capture a burglar while the homeowner was not available to give permission. And for the ones claiming it would be a fishing expedition; On two occasions I recall seeing a few marijuana joints and other paraphernalia but that's not why we were there and we didn't have a warrant so I (just as the author of this post said), moved along.

Ok, so just like his personal

Ok, so just like his personal experience of never seeing a rape take place therefore rape can't take place is wholly and absurdly wrong, so too is your assertion that police will just move along if they are somewhere they don't have a warrant. In fact I have to wider if you are even paying attention to the world lately. That is a ridiculous claim.

If you let cops enter homes they are not invited in, there is absolutely no question to anyone who knows even a little bit of history whether or not it will be abused. It will!!! 100% guaranteed! You are trading a remote (though very real) possibility of crime for nearly guaranteed, government sanctioned, non recoursable violence.

This is nothing new

Police entering houses to stop crime in progress is nothing new and there are a plethora of Supreme Court cases governing what is allowed and what is not. You are just throwing out BS speculation on what you think will happen without a clue about case law.

Whether it was new was never

Whether it was new was never a part of the discussion.

Those who would give up their liberty for safety deserve and shall have neither.

Family violence is one of the

Family violence is one of the most common crimes committed. Sexual assault happens plenty too. Feel free to post something other than your own opinion to convince me otherwise.

So, if you ask a girl whether

So, if you ask a girl whether she is willing to accept money for sex, and then debate over the amount, you can debate all night long, but that woman is a prostitute no matter who wins. Whether it is $1 or $1,000,000 she is a prostitute.

Similarly, it matters little how common these occurrences are. Those who are willing to sacrifice liberty for their safety deserve and shall have neither!!!

This story reminds me of the beer summit fiasco.

Anybody remember that?

Guy was breaking into his own house and the neighbors called the cops.

Everybody got to drink a beer with Obama in the end.


The police didn't have a warrant.

A snoopy neighbor is not a judge nor is the 911 operator.

The police exceeded their authority. Sue them for trespass.

Free includes debt-free!

good you don't have a dog

way too many reports of them shooting dogs, even if they think the dog just looked at them wrong.

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this is what came to my mind:

Maybe my neighbor's been eating Obama Bites- too much "vitamin B afraid of everything" and "vitamin C something, say something" http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E3Ec0qkPyLA

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Now that I've had some time to process it...

I'm not mad at the cops, I'm mad at the neighbor who called the cops on my house. Most of my neighbors have my phone number. They should have called or checked in if they were concerned. But I guess that would have taken some balls, since they were afraid an intruder was in my house. To call 911 is way overreacting to the situation. It sent the police in high alert mode right into my house. It put us in danger. If I had been upstairs or too slow to answer my back door, they would have come into my house (probably with guns drawn) because I have only a flimsy magnetic screen on my back door. All because some dumb ass is shitting his pants over an imagined scenario. Now I know I've got a peeping coward on my street who calls the state for help while he hides under his bed. It's really pathetic.

I agree with you

I had two donkeys (notice I said two). One day a sheriff's pickup pulled into my drive. I went out to see what was going on. He said that they had gotten a report that I had a dead donkey and that the other one looked starved! WTF??? Looking around I did find that one of the donkeys had slipped under some vines that was holding it down. Not dead, but never recovered. The other? Well, have you ever tried to fatten up a donkey that was starved when you got him? Both of these animals were looking a lot better than they were when I got them. And for a donkey to slip is almost unheard of unless it was frightened. The only thing I could figure out was that some neighbourhood kids were throwing rocks at them and caused him to slip. The kids got frightened, went home and told moma that they had killed a donkey. She did not want to call me and explain what happened so she called the cops instead. If she had called me I may have been able to get him untangled and on his feet before he was too far gone! Instead she called the cops, which took them over an hour to respond.
Oh, and the donkey that was trapped could not have been seen from the road. They either had to know it was there or been trespassing on my property.

Maybe your neighbor needs a taste

of his own bullshit.

Maybe sometime you will notice "something unusual" going on, on their property and you may chose to help them out by calling the law. Then they can experience that warm fuzzy feeling of being protected by the cops just as you did.

Let W equal one wrong.

What is W + W?

Ĵīɣȩ Ɖåđşŏń

"Fully half the quotations found on the internet are either mis-attributed, or outright fabrications." - Abraham Lincoln

W + W...

Several things come to mind.
Whoo, Whoo (spoken to the chant of 'USA! USA! USA!)
Tee, You, V (,W). Also known as 'Obama's Tee Time'.
The Bushes (George, and George 'W').
'X' (the next letter; also significant due to the spot marked in the skies over your heads right before the heavier spraying).
"...don't make it right."
MATHEMATICALLY, this could be stated 'W.W', or w(W). How about W (squared)?
I feel in a Depeche Mode right now:

I didn't know Lincoln had a Facebook account...


Sounds like more 'by the book' inspired stupidity

like what I reported here: http://www.dailypaul.com/276381/just-watched-police-and-fire... (update soon)

It was probably the pandas

The cops are simply stupid.

The cops are simply stupid. File a complaint or sue them if it really bothers you. Consider yourself lucky there wasnt a dog around because they probably would have killed it.

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I don't blame the cops

It's my cowardly anonymous neighbor that I blame. He's clearly "submitted to fear" and allows the state to take care of matters for him. Not my kind of person.

The cops still entered your

The cops still entered your home without a warrant. There are stupid people. There are people who overreact to situations. This is a known and uncontrollable fact. When it happens, police can't, they simply CAN NOT use that as a means of usurping absolute authority over YOUR PRIVATE PROPERTY!! If they could there is absolutely nothing to stop them from phoning an anonymous and totally fabricated "tip" to themselves in order to just completely circumvent warrant laws.

Most undervoted comment in this thread!

Thnx for the clarity.

Just remember..

Even God Hates a Rat.


To quote the great George Carlin, "All of you who believe in God, when you see him on judgement day ask him if you can plea bargain. Tell him you're willing to squeal on your family if he lets you get into heaven. You know what he'll say? He'll say "F*&! you!, you squealer, go to hell." Because even God hates a rat. You know what Jesus should have done? He should have beat the shit out of Judas, but he believed in all that love bullshit. But you'll notice he didn't squeal on the Apostles and he didn't plea bargain with the Romans, he took what was coming to him. We can all learn something from Jesus, even if it's not what we expected."

Maybe it's a little off topic, but still the principles apply.

Unsuspecting, willing, blind, controllable herd
Pawns in a covert game conducted by hands we trust
Dominated, compliant and deceptable
Confident that we matter - we don't see that we're but dust.

-Meshuggah "Dancers To a Discordant System"

Another good line of videos

Another good line of videos on how to handle police encounters: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JsN5_FGHqj4

Know your rights to know when they've been infringed.

Carl Miller fights for his rights when push comes to shove. He's doing the next guy a good turn. Don't step on the grass Sam.




First thing I say to any trespassers. "This is private property. Leave now."

They either leave or infringe my rights. It's their move.

Free includes debt-free!