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CNN Erin Burnett show is naming hate groups and everyone on the DP is included

Yesterday classes at Oberlin College were cancelled because someone showed up wearing a Klan robe and wrote hate speech. Update the TV media isn't reporting: [UPDATE: Police now say the person that appeared to be wearing the KKK hood may have just been a woman wrapped in a blanket.] http://www.slate.com/blogs/the_slatest/2013/03/04/oberlin_co...

I don't know all the details for that incident, but Ali Velshi did a segment about it and followed it up with hate groups and ideology with Michael Medved and some crazy guy and another from Southern Poverty Law Center. One of the guys started naming all of the hate groups:

People who think the govt. is trying to take guns away from the citizens.
People who think they are building FEMA camps to house political dissidents.
Farrakhan's Nation of Islam
People who think the govt. is turning into a new socialistic one world govt.--New World Order
Many more I can't remember, but it includes just about everyone's views on the Daily Paul.

Michael Medved tried to defend some of the ideologies.

The list he was spewing reminded me of the list Alex Jones had up on his sight: http://www.infowars.com/take-the-test-to-see-if-you-might-be...

The show re-airs at 11 eastern and 10 central time and segment starts about 40 or 45 minutes past the hour. I don't know if it will come up on the show's website, but if someone could get a copy....

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People need to start learning

about the Bolshevik Revolution, and quit being misdirected by the Hitler/Nazi hype. Racism was a term created by Trotsky aka Bronstein to prevent the overwhelming majority, Christians, from making reference to the fact the system being created was done by Jews. It is no secret that after the Pharisees gained prominence, they pushed the ideology that Jews were a superior race which should rule over the servant class of gentiles. Just go research the 'secret' books included in Judaism, the Talmud, or the oral writings of the Pharisees to see I'm not just making this up. It's not just Zionism, but also, Hollywood, MSM networks, the Bankster/Fed, ect. Recall, how they called Ron Paul and others who wanted to end the Fed, anti-semites. Before long, this will become a 'hate crime'. Now, note, all Jews don't support these teachings and desire to live free and get along with all people. The result of what happened in Nazi Germany was a resulted from these same tactics. The Jewish elites who used these same tactics in Germany fled to safe havens and told the 'scapegoat' Jews not to leave Germany, which eventually led to many of their deaths in the camps. Here, so people don't call me an anti-semite read this http://www.nkusa.org/Historical_Documents/tenquestions.cfm
Here, is another attack by a progressive Jew, Steve Lendman, against the Zionist regime. The only problem with the progressives is, that many of them are victims of the same mindset shown from their views on social issues. However, we can settle all that later, but first we must support their courage to stand against those who desire to make us all serfs, like the Bolsheviks achieved in Russia. http://rense.com/general95/aipac-promotes-war.html

Is my "Erin Burnett Haters' Society" on the SPLC list?

Is my "Erin Burnett Haters' Society" on the SPLC list? If not, could we get it on there? I'd hate to be ignored by an important, valuable, crucial eminent protector of civilization like the SPLC!

"Cowards & idiots can come along for the ride but they gotta sit in the back seat!"


When is our next meeting?

Well, I hate tyrants

In the middle ages, If you didn't like the pope you were branded a heretic.

If you criticized the King, you were branded a traitor.

If you are going to go after the ruling corporate elite, they are going to fight back.

Liberty is not a "group"

Liberty is not a "group" thing, liberty is for anyone and everyone whose willing to fight as best they can for it, not only for themselves, otherwise it would not work, no, its for themselves, their friends, their family and their neighbours whether that be your next door neighbour, or fellow liberty lover half way across the world who you may not have a thig in common, who your two cultures may be vastly different, who you may not speak each others language.....but that who, you may both have liberty burning in your hearts.

Do not suffer fools of lipserving, with a vague promise of action,

Erin Burnett did not host the show...Ali Velshi did. Erin is

not happy with newly appointed president Jeff Zucker and will probably be getting axed soon.


Who could be more credible and objective than Erin Burnett?

"Erin Isabelle Burnett is an American journalist and news anchor, currently the anchor of her own news show on CNN, Erin Burnett OutFront ... She is a member of the Council on Foreign Relations."

"She is married to finance executive David Rubulotta, who is a managing director for Citigroup. He was previously a trader for Lehman Brothers. Burnett was a vice president at Citigroup when the two met."

"Burnett began her career as a financial analyst for Goldman Sachs in its investment banking division, where she worked on mergers and acquisitions and corporate finance. ... She left [her position at CNN] to serve as vice president at Citigroup."



I know, right?

It's not like these people's background and allegiances are any big secret.

"Gee, I wonder where here loyalties really lie? THERE'S NO WAY TO SAY, IT'S IMPOSSIBLE TO KNOW"

They forgot to mention

They forgot to mention the crazy haters that are fearful that the President will compile a secret hit list and start killing Americans on US soil using robots. Only a tinfoil hat wearing paranoid nut job that just hates the POTUS because he is black would ever fear that happening.

Oh shit.... Eric Holder has just declared it Constitutional.

Total softball

for Potok - they let him run on and totally get out of
having to explain how the Nation of Islam could be motivated
by racism against Obama (which Medved brought up).

If you look at SPLC's web site they also acknowledge that
the popularity of the Sovereign Citizen movement is apparently
higher among blacks than other ethnic groups.

Too much to hope for that he would have to explain about *that*.

SPLC: A "hate" group that teaches tolerance

SPLC points the finger, stereotypes, condemns and labels those who are different as "hate" groups.
Isn't that the definition of a hate group?
Based on their definition, if you are a patriot, you're an extremist and part of a "hate" group.
They even have a HateMap and HateWatch that reports on "antigovernment Patriot groups on the American right" while teaching tolerance and promoting justice for gays, lesbians, racial minorities, etc..
Reminds me of the Salem witch hunts by the Puritans or McCarthy's Communist witch hunt, though SPLC tends to ignore Satanic groups and the militant, radical left.

It's Bizarro World for sure



got it http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0MKvfUva9Y0

bizarre that they chose to have Medved on to 'counter' the leftists. he always has struck me as the right's version of Mark Potok- he spends much of his show demonizing those he disagrees with. Particularly Ron Paul

Visit https://soundcloud.com/politics-of-freedom for all recent Ron Paul interviews, speeches, debates, forums, panels, press conferences, news coverage, and Texas Straight Talk updates!

"Terrorism is the war of the poor, while war is the terrorism of

Michael Medved talks on his

Michael Medved talks on his show as if Israel can do no wrong. The scary thing is that Medved is way too smart to be excused. He KNOWS better, yet he spouts the anti Arab bs quite often. I really do think he is a Jewish supremacist. He pretends to support the Christian Right, but it seems like a ruse to me, to garner more support for precious Israel. And my gaydar goes off big time whenever I hear his queeny voice.

video or it didn't happen....

video or it didn't happen....

If you disagree with me on anything you are not a real libertarian...

And i tell you, it's good to

And i tell you, it's good to see them lump in tea party members, the nation of islam, and klansmen. it's good to see them doing this. if i wanted the illuminati's agents in charge of the mainstream media, these are the people i would want in charge.


i'm pretty sure i saw that

i'm pretty sure i saw that b*tch Erin Burnett on Vashon Island, when i was living with the illuminati. it's good to see them getting scared. because i'm feeling good about myself right now.


HUH? Do tell. I know nothing

HUH? Do tell. I know nothing about the "Illuminati." To me it sounds unreal on purpose. Please provide details.

it's all a strange tale.

it's all a strange tale. rachel maddow was there. have you heard of francine laqua? she was there. she looks just like leonore de rothschild from the 1840s.

i actually had a crush on francine. she was staying with Anthony James Rothschild, who is psychopathic blood drinking satanist, and yet very calm and well mannered as a facade, but he gets ancy and turns to his illuminati cohorts and starts saying he needs blood and he kind of mumbles, and i kind of walk away pretending i'm not hearing what's being said.

then i get premonitions and such, they probably practice enochean sex magic, or something else even more satanic. they do these rituals and you feel you know what's going on even though you are not witnessing it yourself, and yet you are still witnessing it. you get images that pop in your head. you are surrounded by devil worshippers, and they are all very nice to you at the same time.

when you are at peace and very full of life it freaks them out, they get angry and show hatred. so you make a point to be miserable the rest of the time and starving yourself, and you see that they are glowing with kindness towards you.

you see other people that you end up recognizing 8 years later, because you forgot the whole thing ever took place. you just wanted to travel across the country and you apply for just one job that summer at a kid's camp, called Camp Sealth, on Vashon Island, and they accept you. Your Aunt looks at you queerly, as she said, "you just applied to one place and you got accepted?"

yes, i thought that was how it worked. why should anyone get rejected for a job, they can prove themselves to you in their work. But it takes me over 3 years at one point in my life to find another job, but that's in the future. and i just found another job, which has been a boon. but it has made me supersitious. i was an atheist when i was on vashon island, with the illuminati, and yet i was seeing signs all around me that the supernatural was manifesting itself, especially in my own center of balance. i was afraid they would know what i was thinking. and sometimes rothschild would come up to me and ask me what i was thinking and i would tell him everything on my mind, as an attempt to keep them guessing and off-balance.

But i can tell you one thing for a fact: they communicate with Demons and are able to see into the future. they can see at least 10 years into the future with the help of the Demons.

they communicate with Demons every night and are given orders or information, or both. that's how it goes with them.

i threw the football with Obama one day, he was just there for a day, he told me he was going to be president, and he was smoking a cigarette in the interim.

i rode next to ben bernanke and he got angry when i mentioned von Mises. he always stares at his cellphone. Geithner was in the back of the van if you can believe it. The white van picked me up while i was walking back from the liquor store. you aren't able to drink liquor at the kid's camp, but i was an alcoholic. that's how i coped. i was also eating mushrooms that grew there. i don't know if they were psilocybin. i thought they were psilocybin cyanescens, but i could have just been eating poison, it was all the same. and i was starving myself. i think that's what altered the frequency of perception, because i was able to see the reptilian-humanoids possess some of their bodies as their bodies were acting as a conduit. it wasn't a physical manifestation, just energy emanating past their face, and you could see it emanating at times up in the air. they would be put in a trance while this happened.

this one woman, who was really nice to me, Sera Gamble, she was so nice to me that i had to act like a spazz in order to avoid becoming connected to her and marrying her. This demonic dark energy was powerful in her. She is a nice person to me, but she is hardcore illuminati, she is now an executive producer at Warner Bros.

She was given the keys to hollywood at an early age. she made us do a ritual and think of ideas for t.v. and movies. Jared Padelecki needed my very presence to fell inspired to think of the show, "Supernatural", McG was riding in an old impala with Jared. "Flo" from progressive insurance was there too. Her real name is Stephanie Courtney. She was the oldest in the ritual. Jared and McG had already left.

Most of the illuminati don't have inspiration as far as art, or mass culture is more like it, i guess. i don't know why they couldn't think of ideas. but we were thinking of ideas. a few of the people there were really young, like less than 10 years old. "Flo" was the oldest one there. Sera Gamble and i were the same age. maybe there was another adult, but the rest were kids, and there were about 10 of us together.

one little girl thought of an idea for a movie where a city becomes blind, and we all thought that was a great idea. i recommended Mark Ruffalo to play the lead role. And i ended up seeing him in the movie 10 years later.

some of my ideas wound up on television. Would you believe "Flo" from progressive insurance was my idea? i'm sorry that i inflicted that on you guys. i thought she would be great for a commercial, but it would be a series of commercials that would make her life into a movie, and i thought it should be an insurance commercial.

She balked initially at the idea, and then i explained it to her, and she lightened up after that. she wanted me to join the groundlings comedy troupe. whatever, illuminati slut.

Prince William was there. so was his girlfriend, Kate. later became the princess.

uhhhhh..... oh yeah, Daveigh Chase was very young. the illuminati wanted us to meet each other for some reason. she was like 10 years old at the time.

It's all about bloodlines. they want to keep the bloodlines cohesive as much as possible because it connects them more to the demons i guess. i just take David Icke's explanation of it. i don't understand it. Apparently they thought i was an Astor bloodline. I didn't know my father, but his family was descended from minor royalty in France. But if that's why they like me so much, i don't know, because i don't know if i'm an Astor. but i did see people that resembled the anderson cooper Astor face. maybe i have a bit of the Astor in the face. But this is speculation and hearsay after all. i didn't really know my father's family. i can't say i was impressed with them.

well, i never went back to the island. some of them thought i killed myself. i hope i don't, i remember they can see into the future because they talk to demons.

anyways. i don't know if i left anyone out. sarah lieving? but i could be mistaken. maybe that was here and maybe that wasn't. my memory is a fog. don't quote me on seeing her, because i'm not sure. ... i did notice my roommate wanting to join this illuminati. he was trying hard, i guess. i was at ease and he was making an effort.

Anthony James Rothschild gave me blood to drink. he offered it to me, i didn't think it was blood, but i was reading Dracula and i said, oh yeah, but when i drank it i freaked out.

i was constanlty freaking and spazzing out, and acting more of a spazz than i was at the time.

the illuminati really upset the stomach. it's like having 100 pounds of pressure on your chest and you try to get fresh air. they are suffocating. you turn one way and the other and their demonic energy doesn't leave your mind and body. they are always harassing you,- their energy is, but they go up to you with smiles and speak with kindness.

oh yeah, Anthony James Rothschild said humans are going to merge with machines, after i asked him if he ever heard of Aldous Huxley, but Julian Huxley was the guy i think he was thinking of more.

Oh yeah, they are genetically inbred and pass out. they have a lot of ailments. it's going to take a lot of work and effort on their part to not be so inherently flawed, because they breed with one another too much.

The End.



Is one of the most hypocritical, disgusting organizations on the face of the planet.

That place is as highly connected and as dirty as you can possibly imagine. I have never heard anything but despicable establishment backed demonization and lies.

The fact that the corporate media features any of their "experts" on the air as legitimate sources of information on a regular basis speaks volumes.

Particularly this guy that wears a straggly white beard, looks like he just woke up from under a park bench, and attacks sll those who supports the Constitution and Bill of Rights as possible domestic terrorists.

Give me a break. CIA backed much?

They struck gold back in the 1990's

attacking the militia movement and now they probably
see opportunity knocking again.

They do kind of take slimy to a whole new level.

he was the guy on all the cable news shows tonight.

And he looks like a homeless person in a suit.

I figured as much lol

Yup! That's the guy. That's just about always the guy ...

Scruffy McScrufferson. Like I said, like he just crawled out from under a bench at the bus station downtown.

Imagine that this guy is (respected??) has influence in certain 'liberal intelligentsia' circles on the Beltway.

Wow. LOL

Erin Burnett: People who

Erin Burnett: People who have attention span and memory = Terrorists!


it would have been a badge of

it would have been a badge of honour if they named daily paul specifically


SPLC is the organization that terrorizes.

They are the real terrorists.

SPLC guy is on msnbc Last Word now doing the same topic

It must be the new Sandy Hook like script for the media. "Now we gotta rid the rabble-rousers and say they are all racist neo Nazi Klansmen!"

Carol Burnett Show Survives the Burning of Atlanta.

Now we return you you our feature film in progress, "Gone w/ the Wind" 1939. Carol Burnett is inviting everyone on the DailyPaul to Tara.

Sidney Howard's script was derived from Margaret Mitchell's first and only published, best-selling Civil War and Reconstruction Period... Producer David O. Selznick had acquired the film rights to Mitchell's novel in July, 1936 for $50,000 - a record amount at the time to an unknown author for her first novel, causing some to label the film "Selznick's Folly." At the time of the film's release, the fictional book had surpassed 1.5 million copies sold.

The famous film, ... a historical epic film of the Old South during wartime... classic tale of a love-hate romance. The indomitable heroine, Scarlett O'Hara, struggles to find love during the chaotic Civil War years and afterwards, and ultimately must seek refuge for herself and her family back at the beloved plantation Tara. There, she takes charge, defends it against Union soldiers, carpetbaggers, and starvation itself. She finally marries her worldly admirer Rhett Butler...

Various elements in the original novel had to be eliminated, and some characters, scenes, and events were either truncated, dropped, or modified:

  • Scarlett's first two children (Wade Hampton and Ella Lorena) were eliminated.
  • Rhett's scenes (and confessions) about being a blockade runner were minimized or cut out.
  • The character of the Atlanta prostitute Belle Watling was sanitized, and Rhett's finding of solace with Belle, after Scarlett vowed not to have any more children following Bonnie's birth, was also down-played.
  • Any episodes or mention of the Ku Klux Klan were dropped.
  • On the night of the Shantytown raid, Melanie read from Charles Dickens' David Copperfield rather than from Victor Hugo's Les Miserables.

A nationwide casting search for an actress to play the Southern belle Scarlett resulted in the hiring of young British actress Vivien Leigh, although over 30 other actresses (some well-known, and some amateurs) had been tested or considered including: Katharine Hepburn, Miriam Hopkins, Susan Hayward, Loretta Young, Paulette Goddard, Margaret Sullavan, Barbara Stanwyck, Joan Crawford, Norma Shearer, Lana Turner, Joan Bennett, Mae West, Tallulah Bankhead, Jean Arthur, and Lucille Ball.

Disclaimer: Mark Twain (1835-1910-To be continued) is unlicensed. His river pilot's license went delinquent in 1862. Caution advised. Daily Paul

That Carol Burnette skit is

one of the funniest of them that I have ever seen .. Thanks


i can say i read the book

i can say i read the book actually, and i wasn't impressed