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Holder to announce response to WA and CO pot reform as UN joins call to shut down legalisation

WTF does the UN have to do with anything? Holder and the UN can get bent!

US attorney general Eric Holder is preparing to announce his response to the decision of voters in Colorado and Washington state to legalise cannabis, as the Obama administration comes under mounting pressure within the US and around the world to stop the creeping legalisation of the drug.

Holder has let it be known that his review into last November's vote in the two states to legalise marijuana is coming to an end, and that he will make an announcement of his official response soon. Some observers expect that to be as early as Wednesday, when the country's top law officer faces questioning from the Senate judiciary committee in Washington DC.

As Holder completes his legal review of developments in Colorado and Washington state, eight former heads of the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA), the federal body tasked with clamping down on illegal drug use, urged Obama to act quickly to bring the states into line. Cannabis use remains banned under federal law, which pits the Obama administration against the two states whose voters opted to allow the drug for recreational use.


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