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Horse Slaughter LEGALIZING Legislation in Oklahoma

Did you know that the Oklahoma House and Senate both passed bills ending a ban on slaughtering horses last week? This is garbage!


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how many pigs can be ridden long distances?

And cows? Nope; only oxen can be used to pull carts, wagons, etc.--

Horses have been mis-used for a long time--

as it becomes more difficult to obtain and maintain automobiles, wise people may go back to horses.

it's hard to be awake; it's easier to dream--

I keep seein posts stating this is about wild horses

but nothing in the article says anything about wild horses.

As I read the bill, this is about allowing slaughter houses that would kill and process horses - nothing to do with wild horses. Please correct me if I am wrong - but that is what I read.

While this may seem crazy - for those who have owned farm animals as pets - this makes perfect sense. What are you supposed to do with the horse- shoot it and bury it? What if you don't have that ability(many horse owners could never do that). What about the enviromental problems of burying such a large animal?

We had a very similar discussion in my home town. A company wanted to build an animal crematory large enough to cremate horses. People got all crazy about it - but they failed to realize the other options are much worse.

The Other Options are Worse

The argument I have heard from proponents of this (these) bill(s) is that the way the horses are slaughtered currently is worse. They have to be sent to Mexico or something where it's legal. I'm not saying that is invalid.

But in essence what I read is that it will be cheaper to dispose of horses because it can be done locally. And what I assume is that someone wants to build a slaughter house and has friends at the Oklahoma Capitol.

I think my state has bigger issues to take care of. Not freaking out like it's the end of the world or anything, but I still think it's garbage.

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This is bad because?

This is bad because?

Southern Agrarian

This is bad because

Well, at least in my eyes it's an indication of how distant even my own state's legislature is from the population. I seriously doubt anyone's office has been inundated with calls from constituents demanding the legalization of horse slaughter.

It's more likely a lobbyist thing where some of the bigger players at the Capitol were bought off (as they are from time to time by our chambers of commerce or whoever else), then because the good ol' boys wanted the legislation nobody questioned it.

From a legal standpoint, I think there are valid points on both sides, including the freedom to do what you want with your own property. However, I think killing horses that are otherwise healthy just because the owner doesn't want them is sick and inhumane. No matter how humane the execution process may be. Cows are killed, yes, for food. Horses are usually laden with steroids and/or hormones that are not safe for human consumption, so they are just disposed of.

The stated intent by the proponents of this legislation (in my state at least) is that the slaughters are happening anyway, we just want to bring it back to the US/Oklahoma from Mexico because they don't do it humanely there. Aren't we so compassionate? We just want these horses to have a happy death. ;)

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so if the gov. has FEMA camps and

let's say they have millions of rounds of ammo - kinda can guess what they are thinking.

If you had no vehicles or fuel for yourself , how do you get around?

Remembering Red Dawn from the 1980's or anytime vehicles don't work it's horses.

then the price of horses

then the price of horses would climb. Showing profit. The profit motive then will increase the number of horses raised. At this point in time the market is saying we have a surplus of horses.. and if we could bring the price of food down with horse meat. Then that would be awesome. In fact, I can't a find a job that gives me more than $200-300 surplus at month, so I can save/invest. That is living on a college kids budget, roommate, ramen, crap car, scrounging for gas money, no kids. I cant even Imagine the number of starving families you are actually trying to lobby against.

Hippi-ism is going to far.

Hippi-ism is going to far. Kill the unwanted horses, make dog food out of them, move on.


Save those tenderloins for me. I'm thinking horse would be just as good on the grill as deer, or beef, or pork.

Seriously though, most of the world has no issue with eating horse. Our cultural issue goes back to aboput 1000AD when the holy roman empire was trying to stomp out scandinavian culture which had a practice of eating horse. As a result eating horse was outlawed, and eventually became taboo in northern europe. When the country was colonized several waves of immigtrants came from these areas, and so the taboo has become part of american culture as well. There is really nothing wrong with horse meat though, could be a little tough if the horse did a lot of runnign I guess.

Josh Brueggen
Jack of all Trades
Precinct Commiteeman Precinct 5 Rock Island Co Illinois

well if Thats the case who

the hell cares about war, kill those people overseas and make dog food out of them. World is over populated anyway.

War is great just lessens population.

Hippies are against war

and overpopulation is not a

and overpopulation is not a problem... unless you have socialist governments restricting the market, which includes not allowing people to slaughter their own property. So, I guess we have a problem already in 49 other states (*unless other states allow horse slaughter.)and of course the rest of the world, because of socialism ruining food supplies.

Cannabalsim in N Korea

for two reasons:
1. Communism does not make for efficient food production. They import most of their food.

2. N Korea does not have a Rothschild central bank. So they are under heavy sanctions which limit the import of needed food supplies. Thou shalt not defy the global central banking empire. You will be penalized with food sanctions and starved if you do.

Iran and Cuba also have gone hungry for the same reason. They do not have a Rothschild central bank and are under sanctions that limit food import.

Should we not kill chickens

Should we not kill chickens or cows? Lol


cows, chickens, hogs, anything domesticated is good eating, have no problem with it.

These are wild mustangs that roamed free, there is no reason for the roundup and slaughter of these by the Obama admin other than the goverment refusing to grant permits for land use. Whenever an animal goes from healthy big population to something that has to be managed, you have lost your right to use the land.

See polar bears, nope can't drill there not enough polar bears.

There is definitely a reason

for their rounding up the mustangs and I suspect it has to do with the monopolization of the great aquifers in the west.

If not us than who?

Joeinmoe - where are you seeing this is about wild horses

the link provided says nothing about wild horses?

I read this is about allowing the slaughter of horses(assumed domesticated) in an actual slaughter house.

what if I like to eat Horse?

what if I like to eat Horse? Was the cow not roaming free before the farmer took him from the land, domesticated it as private property and did what he wishes with it. In most cases equaling a slaughtered cow. Is the deer that roams on my step-fathers land, not mine to hunt?

Are you going to

take care of the thousands of unwanted horses? Because in many states taxpayer money has gone to horse sanctuaries, basically retirement homes for horses. If I wanted to feed and house a horse I would buy one, I don't need the government to forcefully take tax money and provide for horses in their golden years. I don't agree with rounding up wild horses but domesticated ones are the property of their owners, who should be able to slaughter them same as any other domesticated farm animal.

The bold effort the present bank had made to control the government ... are but premonitions of the fate that await the American people should they be deluded into a perpetuation of this institution or the establishment of another like it-Andrew Jackson

Racing Horses

Maybe our casinos should build refuges with all their profits. ^.^

For anyone wondering what the heck I'm talking about, Oklahoma has a lot of Native American owned casinos, and hey, you know, it could be like a cultural thing. We take care of our own... horses.

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mind ur

no domestic is fine, but Oklahoma has the largest holding facilities for free wild mustangs that have been taken off public lands that cost nothing to feed or care for.

Oklahoma wants to kill the wild mustangs. But it's way more sinister than that. The BLM has taken over tens of thousands of acres to "manage" wild mustangs so they don't go extinct or get too big. It's a land grab under Obama, thin the horses out because if they have healthy populations people can drill, mine etc without government control.

Killing wild horses

is completely unacceptable unless their population is so great that it is endangering the health of the herd. They have been doing mustang round ups for decades to manage herd size. My buddy a small rancher in Oklahoma bought a mare and a colt from one of these sales 20+ years ago and still has and loves them. Making his argument, when a horse is lame or just too old for farm use they have to be driven to another state to have them processed for pet feed and zoos I'm told buy a lot of unprocessed fresh horse meat. So most public support for these bills comes not from wanting to kill mustangs, but for farmers/ranchers to have the ability to exercise proper animal husbandry practices.

The bold effort the present bank had made to control the government ... are but premonitions of the fate that await the American people should they be deluded into a perpetuation of this institution or the establishment of another like it-Andrew Jackson

um...why do you think Obama wants to kill thousands of horses

because they want to do mass land grabs in western states. Here is the catch, they kill the wild horses, then the herds are so small that they must be "managed" and nobody can drill, mine etc. on the land where the horses range.

If there were lots of horses, they would not be endangered or need to be managed.

There are actually only a few thousand wild horses left on federal lands, there were 40,000 just a few years ago.

They just go into dog food, what waste oh and your taco bell.

Nice Map. And I agree. The Bureau of Land Management

"is removing our wild horses from their federally protected Herd Management Areas, then leasing the same land for $2 an acre for oil and gas lease sales, or permitting new mining and mining expansions to foreign owned companies. I think the wild horses are like the canary in the coal mine. As go these American icons that stand as symbols of our freedom, so goes our freedom." http://www.windwildhorse.com/windblog/2012/10/29/agenda-21-a...

Under communism there is no private ownership of land; all state owned. Nor will you own a house under Agenda 21, because privately owned homes are not sustainable. It will be stack em and pack em as it was/is in Russia. http://robertamsterdam.com/2013/02/russias-housing-crisis-a-...

and this is how well the Russian government maintains the housing. Socialism at work folks.

I'm reading this--

Nobody has ever gotten physically ill on horse 'exhaust'--

it's hard to be awake; it's easier to dream--

there is difference between owning and using

Right now, if there are no threatened, endangered, or species that need to be managed, you can drill, mine, log etc on public lands. So the land grab is for control, not ownership. The land is owned by the people and you can lease it, it's not owned by the gov. It's only restricted for the uses above.

America is almost now a communist nation.

Under communism all land is state owned. No private property is allowed under Agenda 21. Private ownership of land or housing is deemed unsustainable under Agenda 21.


Thanks for the downvote for asking a simple question.

wasn't me Car

but I'll bump your map