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Rand Paul On Hannity: Drone Strikes on US Citizens on US Soil

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What are you doing about this, Rand.

Pls do something, how about a bill to block this.

That would be great, But..Don't bills start in the House?

I believe the Senate could pass a resolution, however.

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appropriation bills

Appropriation bills must start in the House.

Ha, yeah I noticed that. Rand

Ha, yeah I noticed that. Rand was insinuating that it wasn't about left vs right, it's about power that the president should not have. Of course, Hannity does his best to re-frame it, "THE SILENCE OF THE LEFT FOR THE MOST PART IS DEAFENING!"


do you think hannity would be

do you think hannity would be b*tching about terrorists if the g.o.p. controlled the white house?


Rand was on Hannity's radio show too

talking about the drone memo

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Tyranny is good for the market


Stock market new high.

Happy Days are Here Again!

Sometimes I wonder if Hannity

Sometimes I wonder if Hannity has any idea of what he is talking about. Everything has to be left versus right for demagogues I guess. It's nice of him to bring Rand on the show though.

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Yep. Good job by Rand not

Yep. Good job by Rand not going there with him,

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