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Leaked Document: Military Internment Camps in U.S to be Used for Political Dissidents


Document can be downloaded at the video link.

Only in dictatorships your not allowed to speak out against the gov. WAKE UP AMERICA!!!

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is this also part of another UN treaty agreement?


As long as we

preserve the right to bear arms, this will never happen. There would be a citizen behind every tree with a gun. Not to mention huge numbers of enlisted military personnel going home to defend their own.

The bold effort the present bank had made to control the government ... are but premonitions of the fate that await the American people should they be deluded into a perpetuation of this institution or the establishment of another like it-Andrew Jackson

So let's stop and think about

So let's stop and think about this for just a moment. The most secretive administrative in the history of the U.S. 'leaks' a document of this nature.


I agree that this is a fear tactic. Only tweezerheads with no power whatsoever make threats like this and everything about Obama has been a lie so far. There's no reason to believe in this dreck either.

I would read the document.

It is a real document with 362 pages. It is a bid document for at least the operation of this type of facility. Do you think someone paid an engineering firm millions to design it for a hoax?

Honestly, I strongly believe

Honestly, I strongly believe that the current administration would have no problem spending money to maintain control of the populace and instill fear through whatever means are necessary.

i hope this goes viral. i

i hope this goes viral. i should have posted this. i have had these documents for at least 8 months.

i will go print out a couple copies and write down where to find this on the internet in the next few days. i dropped the ball on this one.

Mr. Nystrom, can we keep this on the front page every day, as a default space? Or find some way to keep it constantly bumped. This really needs to go viral. i thought everyone on the dailypaul was aware of this. maybe i shouldn't have been so cynical and depressed.


Interesting, but it can also be a fear tactic.

It's good to be prepared and have emergency plans in case something like this really goes down. I will probably be joining all you guys in the gulag. I also think it's important not to get paralyzed with fear. I think spreading our liberty message remains the key to prevent the government from successfully implementing something like this.

I guess this document was somehow 'leaked', but I'm always skeptical of so-called leaks. After skimming the contents it uses words like 'humane' treatment of prisoners several times so it reads like a propaganda piece to make these camps seem acceptable. It may lead people to think of these camps as necessary evils that the angelic government must create for the 'general welfare' and 'common good' of America. Oh wells.. If it is a stealth propaganda piece, maybe they really are pushing to implement this citizen relocation/detention camp idea.

Either way the best defense is spreading the liberty message as far and wide as possible.

9-11 Media Fakery: Did anyone die on 9-11?


9-11 Actors:

Pysops.. media.. actors.. propagandists... disinfo agents.. fake videos.. fake photos

lets give Glen Beck a 2nd chance...

...NOT to debunk plans for camps....I'm sure this would alarm his libertarian mind!

how about farrakhan ??

how about farrakhan ??


i just sent his paper an

i just sent his paper an email..

and i'm on hold right now. his mailbox is full. i just wasted my time. i'll try back in the day time.


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Getting hot in here - in this country

Two people I know Left the country already

Two people I know Left the country already

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Oh Wow..

There's something to show people who call us "paranoid conspiracy theorists". This is real. Holy CRAP.

It looks like the video's starting to go viral too. Let's help it along.

Alex Jones

I did some searching. Looks like AJ mentioned this in May of 2012.

Start video @ 3:30

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it doesn't even have 20,000

it doesn't even have 20,000 views. was there another one by alex jones that had more youtube views? i don't mean how many listened to that broadcast on XM and infowars.

this didn't go viral when it could have. i was content for this to be esoteric knowledge so i could walk around and lord it over everyone who didn't know, but then i would tell them, of course. but did anyone get that memo? i sent the documents a few weeks ago to a friend and another set to a stranger.

thank God, i hope this goes viral.


i saved the documents 8 to 9

i saved the documents 8 to 9 months ago. i could have sworn someone posted something about this. but really, it's something that should be constantly bumped.

i guess i'm a victim of normalcy bias.


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Normalcy bias

Excellent phrase.

The frogs getting boiled are victims of normalcy bias.

But it is true. It seems like every day there is some new damn piece of s#!t^y ass bad news. It just keeps coming and coming, like an avalanche that never ends. (I just don't want it to speed up!)

But you get numb to it. There is a feeling of inevitability. Like fate, or karma bearing down on us.

right on the front page of the doc it says

"DESTRUCTION NOTICE: Destroy by any method that will prevent disclosure of contents or reconstruction of the document."

This is interesting: pg 18
"1-16. Enemy combatants are divided as follows: An enemy prisoner of war... 1-17. EPWs are persons defined in the GPW as... That of carrying arms openly..."


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"Come on, buddy. All you gotta do is pick up a weapon."

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That is a crazy document. we need Ben Swann on it.

Just sent him a letter

I hope others are doing the same.

If men are good, you don't need government; if men are evil or ambivalent, you don't dare have one.

Me too.

Now we just wait and hope that he tells us somehow its not real, though we all know better.

Guess they'll have to

Guess they'll have to imprison at least half of the people on the internet.


Makes me want to reclass from 68P Radiology Specialist to a 31E Internment/Resettlement Specialist. I'd be like Harriet Tubman and the Underground Railroad, lol.

Joking aside... this is kinda serious... bump

My Political Awakening: I Wanted to Change the World...
I am NOT Anti-America. America is Anti-Me - Lowkey
How to Handle POLICE STATE Encounters