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What happens if someone hacks/hijacks a drone and uses it against targets in USA ?

I was just thinking, the stage is kind of set - Iran already was able to control a drone and land it safely. It was a military drone, so it must have good encryption and safety mechanisms against such an act.
More drones are going to be used by law enforcement and they would probably have lethal options on them - as Holder as already given the green light that Dear Leader Obama has the authority to use it on anyone without any due process.
So what happens if someone is able to hack and hijack such a lethally armed drone and use it against us ?
At least the Govt would be able to blame it on Iran - whether that be true or not.

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What would happen is they

What would happen is they would try to blame it on, then shut down, the internet.

Would they bother hijacking if they can build their own?

If you go to thingiverse.com and search for "drone" you will find plans for several. some can carry video cameras.

What happens when someone straps a .22 pistol or a Molotov cocktail to one?

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Good question - I was actually wondering what would happen

to a US citizen that used a gun for which they carried a permit for on a drone here on American soil.

It's called...

collateral damage (oh well). Tax dollars will pay for damage and any lawsuits then tax dollars will be used to buy a new drone to replace the hijacked one. Then law enforcement and military personnel will receive medals of honor and bonuses.

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Proffesional killers could use them

and self destruct it after job is done. Perfect crime? Scary ...

Think Tank Scenario

I am sure one of the Think Tanks already have a planned scenario for such an event, or even the creation of a false flag event involving drones.

scenario 12d

scenario 12D comes to mind !

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That would be so much easier than faking airplane attacks.

What happens? Maybe America isn't going to be scared next time. Many people are suspicious of attacks now.

What if . . .

. . . someone hijacked a drone, and used it to kill a politician? Or ten?

I suspect that this is the ONLY thing that might result in drones actually being banned from our skies.

Drones that spy on and threaten the general public -- that's just "law enforcement," making us all safe. (Yeah, right.)

Drones that threaten politicians -- now there's a CRISIS requiring immediate action.

Recommended reading: The Most Dangerous Superstition by Larken Rose

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Unless they were used to off

those pesky Libertarian leaning Republicans that have been gaining popularity lately. Something else to blame on al Quaida. Scary.

It gets worse.

They wouldn't even have to hijack a drone for that, would they? All they'd have to do is SAY that the drone was hijacked, and they could kill ANYONE, and blame anyone they (dis)like for the "hijacking."

So I'm sticking with my first story: unless the political (or bankster?) elite are personally threatened by drones, they'll keep using them.

Recommended reading: The Most Dangerous Superstition by Larken Rose

If they timed it right, they might even get a couple hundred of

them while in session.

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I had a similar what if

But I don't like violent acts. what if someone hijacked a drone and landed it on the white house lawn during a rose garden speech? What If they were used to Troll the politicians?