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My First Trip to Texas - From Chicago

I'm on my first trip to Texas. I'm from Chicago and I've traveled to: California, Hawaii, Indiana, Kentucky, Tennessee, & Colorado. Not to mention England, Ireland, Scotland, France, Spain, & Amsterdam(Others when I was younger)

Here's what I see in Texas: (Dallas & Austin)

It's SAD! So many angry, impatient - ANGRY, UNFRIENDLY people.
What happened to Texas? Was it always like this? Is this why my parents never took us here as kids?

I have no sympathy for the exploitation that goes on here.

On the one hand, you have the Televangelists with HUGE MONUMENTS TO "GOD" amidst the empty ranches that string along the highway from Dallas to Austin.

On the other hand you have the big-oil / Politically influential / Bankers living in Highland Park TX who think they are the ELITES of the elites - and so do the shoppers who frequent those districts. Image-Hungry Wannabe's.

You have people with "Read the Constitution" on the back of their truck - as they wear a permanent SCOWL on their face while they drive. I was new to the city and learning the illogical layout of the roads, I naturally drove more slowly - and you don't get a "toot toot" when a local gets behind you - you get someone LAYING on their horn telling you to "get the F* out of the way!" People who what? Spent most of their lives going 60 on dirt roads? They don't understand the mechanics of city driving? They're not city-people yet and it shows.

All these quick expressions of rage and impatience - in a city that is supposedly "CLOSE TO GOD"?

And it wasn't just me. My gf saw the same. And it wasn't just us - the businesspeople we traveled with saw the SAME THING.

The people here are Impatient A*Holes.
The parking lot owners play with the language to RAPE the visitors.
(I'm from Chicago - don't tell me it's a 'city' thing)

I saved the receipts and called the police after seeing my car booted for: Paying to enter a lot @ 11pm, & SLEEPING at a $200/night hotel (Fairmont). Of course I explained the bullsh*t to the booting guy and we had no charge - but he lied to my face trying to make an excuse for himself saying: "You didn't have the ticket facing the right way or I wouldn't have booted you." No, buddy - that's just the only thing i DIDN't take a picture of. The language on the ticket and the signs was CLEARLY misleading.

3 Different Nights in the Same lot - 3 Different types of language on the receipts.

I googled the issue and found out Dallas has had this problem for some time.

I called the police and they said: It's a civil issue - we can't do shit - go somewhere else.

The people. (drivers & employees of 4 star and up businesses)
The police. (mostly just impotent, do-nothings - which I appreciated on the highways :) )
The hotels. (Ridiculous prices that did NOT MATCH the services offered: Rape)
The parking lots. (Purposely confusing language - Rape the Visitors)
Eddy V's Restaurant: $74 for a Chewy, FROZEN (inside info from waitress at Reunion Tower) Lobster Tails. $27 for 6 scallops DOWSED in butter & that's it.

You can't just charge high prices because you want to be "exclusive" - you have to DELIVER THE GOODS YOU F*ING HICK WANNABES.

But I WILL be fair. We were treated well when we went to Austin - went shooting and horseback riding for the first time - everyone treated us well. The workers in the regular stores treated us just fine.

Dallas seems to be a "City Under Construction" - And I hope the population is under construction too. Here's a tip: If you want to be "foo foo" - you don't have to be an a*hole -> Just raise your prices, deliver the services. Learn how to be the Servant and treat visitors as KINGS -> THAT'S FOO-FOO! High Prices; LOADS of services - and ROYAL treatment.

But the Attitude is absolute trash.

Texas - don't ask for sympathy - until you learn how to: TREAT YOUR NEIGHBOR AS YOU WOULD LIKE TO BE TREATED.

This isn't 1 or 2 people - and it's not just me and my gf saying this - this is an EPIDEMIC in Texas that no one talks about.

It's like everyone has a gun, and they're just looking for a reason to be angry enough to use it.
You have these nice, poshy areas filled with a*holes, next to these TRASH-RIDDEN, CRIME-laden areas where the businesses - like WALGREENS at Lemmon st in dallas - put up signs: "Lock your Doors, Hide your stuff! Stop Thieves!"

It's still the wild west here.
STAY THE F* out Until this state gets a MASSIVE update.

I understand how G.Bush and Rick Perry get elected here.
I understand how JFK got assassinated here.
I understand why televangelists thrive here.

This place is SPOILED in every sense.
Everyone here should be KICKED OUT - forced to travel ALONE in another state at least 200 mi away.

Texas is a big state full of Narrow Minds.
Wanna ignore your obvious problems?

Then I hope the oil tycoons, bankers, and televangelists, & wannabe Foo-foo's rape the sh*t out of you.

Everything's bigger in Texas?


Just the A*Holes.

Of all the places I've traveled...

TOP Rudest:
(People who were RUDE when I was NOT interacting w/ Them or I was TRYING to be Friendly)


TOP Friendliest:
(People who went out of their way to be MORE friendly than me)

Tennessee (Fully Delivered southern hospitality; totally unexpected)

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People from California moving here.

It started back in the early 80's when everyone from Michigan moved here. Then it settled down for a while. Now lots of Californians are moving in.. I don't think it will ever go back to the way it used to be.

Japanese folk tale

Once upon a time, in a faraway village, lived a little dog. The little dog heard about a house with a thousand mirrors in another village and decided to see this wonderful house for itself.

The little dog ran up the steps of the House Of A Thousand Mirrors, wagging its tail excitedly and was greeted by a thousand excited little dogs with wagging tails. The little dog smiled at the thousand little dogs happily and they smiled back.

After a little while, the happy little dog turned to go. “How friendly the occupants of this house are,” it thought to itself, “I will return for another visit.”

In the same village as the little dog, lived a grey little dog. When the gray dog heard about the House Of A Thousand Mirrors, it too decided to pay the house a visit.

The gray little dog dragged itself up the steps, ears down, tail between its legs. It was greeted by a thousand unfriendly, sad little dogs with ears down and tails between their legs. The gray little dog bared its teeth and growled and a thousand little dogs growled back with bared teeth. Disgusted, the gray little dog turned to leave and decided the occupants of the house were very rude and unfriendly. “I will never pay this unfriendly place another visit again,” it decided.

All the faces in the world are mirrors. What kind of reflections did you see in the faces of the people you meet?

A good way to defend your freedoms: www.libertymagazine.org

Wrong places

Love Texas, but hate Dallas. Austin's not too much better. I do like Ft. Worth as far as bigger towns go...

I guess going to Texas is like going to a big mall, and you visited just the toilet and it stinks. I'd agree.

Born and raised just outside of Big D'

Still here. Fort Worth now and it's cool. Austin (and surrounding area) is cooler. Why do you suppose they call it Big D'? Cause it's nothin' but a bunch of impatient, @$$hole, dickheads...like you said. My cousin lives in Chicago. He lovingly references it as Shyraq.

The way I describe us Texans is

"Polite A-Holes". We will give you the finger as we cuss you out for only going 10 mph over the speed limit, but will hold the door for you at the next gas station.

Get over it. Drive faster. And have a good day.


them city boys sure are whiney.

Try 35 North

Maybe a little

Ray Wylie Hubbard would help



I think you're geography is off - you were in New York.

(Although, most Texans

(Although, most Texans dislike Dallas as well)

Bless your heart

drive with the North on your compass, and kindly never come back, jerk.


Here you go,


Southern Agrarian