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Take Over of America Almost Complete - Retired SF General W. G. Boykin

Special Forces General Boykin lays out the plan via Marxist insurgency strategy for the take over of a country and how those points are in place in America today. Two things seem to remain to complete the take over. Disarmament and a Constabulary force that answers only to the President. That force is likely DHS IMO I wonder whats going on to become an Officer in DHS.

Certainly those within DHS that are doing the planning and positioning of all the military implements of war withing the states are not all just dumb and ignorant of the plan for war on Americans. So why are they helping plan for war on Americans if they have not already pledged allegiance to it?

Hitler required a blood oath of his Officers. I know there has been Rumors of Obama wanting to change Oaths to obey the president instead of the constitution...

It's getting crazy...

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Seemed like right-wing blather to me.

Yes, there is redistribution of wealth - from the middle class and poor upwards.

Yes, socialism is coming. And it is not the warm fuzzy European kind.

It is so strange to me that nobody bats an eyebrow, and it is politically correct to bash Islam, Arabs, Mexicans, Latinos, Aliens, and even Homosexuals, but not that one certain group in which the very utterance of the name causes hysteria.

Maybe it is not so strange though.


Excellent video.

Step by step to communism.