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"Recent Reception" score experiment. (Maybe we SHOULD stop posting?)

I never even noticed I HAD a "recent reception" score until someone made a thread about it a month or so ago. So, I started watching, wondering what made it go up or down. What I noticed was my score improved the less I participated, or so it seemed. So, this morning I played with it a bit.
Got up, got coffee, turned on the PC. First score check - 13.84
Read 5 stories without commenting - score 13.84
1 comment - no change
2nd comment and upvoted the article - no change
Posted article - score IMMEDIATELY dropped to 13.81.
Checked, no votes up or down on any comments, no votes or comments on article I posted.
Left site, surfed for 15 minutes, checked back.
My post was the 9th most viewed at the moment, there were no votes or comments on the article, nor on one of my comments. The other comment had 1 upvote and 1 reply.
My score was 13.81.
So experiment one indicates that my "recent reception" is hurt by posting a thread, but not affected by the views of that thread nor by my upvotes that I give or receive, nor by comments. Seriously, the only thing I have found that consistently raises my score is not posting here....? Anybody else noticing anything similar?

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3.12 down to 3.11 with this post, voting myself up or down did nothing.

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Score yourself

I do not post read check my approvial or dissaprovial of comments or posted articles for a rating.

My purpose is to pass information and gain information.


Exercise in curiousity.

I posted another thread, score dropped .2 -although now there is commenting on this thread so it is harder to correlate. But posting a thread definitely drops the score. I cannot find where others' comments or upvotes bring it up, but I will quit posting for a while and see what happens. (I mean a few hours.)

This is the article that got my posting privileges revoked:

Edudation and information as in being informed

is a dam far site from mild curiosity.

The intire planet is enslaved into a Rothschild multi generational false debt criminal scam. I do not believe curiosity would be the correct word.

False debt being used to foist any and every immoral activity.

BTW it was not I who down voted you, im concerned for my ratings... ironic joke.


OK, down to 13.78

So posting the second thread dropped it again, I forgot to check before the downvote so I don't know if that made it drop or not.
Someone cancelled the downvote, the article is back to "0" and my score is still 13.78, so it seems it was just posting the thread that dropped it again, and the downvote had no effect. Weird.

This is the article that got my posting privileges revoked: