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Fish die off in Idaho, no news coverage.


This is not a mysterious die off, the morons flushed the sediment out of the reservoir and sand-blasted the fish downstream, and left the survivors unable to find food in the murky water. Still, this is PRIME "fishing country" and this will be terrible for local tourism. Yet I found out about it in the alternative media, and cannot find a word about it in the MSM - local or national.

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MSM reporting would only serve to

traumatize 3 generations of gov't omnicompetence trained students.

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For the MSM a fish die off in Idaho is...........

very small potatoes.

With all due respect, I will no longer be a voting prostitute for Constitution rejecting harlots.

WTF first I heard of it

WTF first I heard of it too... Sigh... Flucking idiots!

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yes, very sad.



Oh, this is sad--


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Thanks for the info...

...terrible news not being reported.

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As an avid fisherman,

hunter and conservationist I'm always looking for articles like this one. Thanks for the post. With a several year drought covering a lot of the country unfortunately we will be seeing more of these fish die-off stories. This one doesn't seem to be exactly drought caused, but when water levels are low lots of problems can occur. Fish get concentrated and use up available oxygen, water temperatures rise which further depletes oxygen levels and causes faster evaporation and more water loss. Plants can die from overheated water, rotting in the water they produce massive amounts of C02 and methane gas which displaces oxygen from the water column. Low water levels also are breeding grounds for all sorts of bacteria, parasites and harmful insects. Here in Kansas we are having huge numbers of deer die from blue-tongue disease which is caused from a mite that thrives in low-stagnant water conditions. Drought is a bad deal all the way around.

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Good ol environmental

Good ol environmental engineering for the good of the human collective. Screw the animals. Here in Texas we are hearing cattle calls to build new reservoirs to collect rain and provide for our growing population. The law of conservation of mass seems to elude our elected officials here...

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Thanks for the

Update. Always interested in the news out of Idaho.

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