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Bitcoins $60.00... Rises while FIAT currency continue to fall

Hey Everyone,

Back here with an update on Bitcoin. It's trading at about $46.50 this morning and as I predicted well on it's way to $100 and over. Who would have thought that a currency modeled on principles held within the Austrian school of economics would flourish against those FIAT paper currencies that those Keynesians love so much.

I know for some, Bitcoins is a concept so far removed from the current paradigm it's difficult to make the mental leap. Those people will get left on the side of the road, for your own sake do some research and try to understand the mechanics behind it. If anybody should be on board with this it's libertarians. It is really an ingenious and Revolutionary concept. What's so exciting about it is we still at the beginning of it all.

Online retail stores are just beginning to accept Bitcoins. Other business are opening the doors, exchanges are opening up, and eventually it will become more popular than any FIAT currency.

Fight for Liberty use Bitcoins





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This mathematician is

This mathematician is sticking with gold.

Bit coin is fiat because it is money without intrinsic value.

Exactly.If bitcoin gets

Exactly.If bitcoin gets popular all the banks have to do is buy them all up with their own digital dollars when all the bitcoins are created.Yes some people will make alot of dollars selling them when the price goes up but when the dollar is dead it will not matter how many dollars you have.The only thing that matters is having real tangible assets Gold,silver,guns,food etc.Bitcoins are a game of digital blackjack and that is it.

Youre not sticking to Gold you're sticking to the Dollar

No one is arguing that Gold and Silver is not money.

this is not Precious Metals vs Bitcoins

This is FIAT currency vs Bitcoins

You're a mathematician, so I assume you understand logic.

What's more logical?

Use a FIAT currency that empowers the central bankers who are working desperately to undermine Liberty? or Use one that empowers the people.

Common man. It's Dollars vs Bitcoins. Stop being an ignoramus and get on the side of liberty.

The phrase is "come on", not "common"

I've seen this gaffe repeatedly online. Is English your first language? I'm trying to determine the etymology of this spelling error and whether it has a geographical or linguistic origin.

Bitcoins and dollars are both

Bitcoins and dollars are both fiat because they have no intrinsic value other than a falsely manufactured trust.

I'm sticking with gold and silver over bitcoin and dollar.

Get it now?

can you convert bitcoin

can you converst bitcoin directly to silver??



Not the best of prices, but yes.

“I’m fully diversified. I’ve got some under the mattress, some under the floor boards, some in the backyard.”

I use Bitmit

I use bitmit.net to convert bitcoin to silver... Its kind of like an ebay for bitcoins... You can buy pretty much anything on there thats legal(and some things that arnt in some areas), but the prices for silver closely follow spot price... Same for gold on that site too