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The Daily Paul Is NOT What It Used To Be; There Is NO Interest In Activism Or Reclaiming Our Republic.

1. Little to no Activism. When I and/or others ask for help [and take the time to create/publish material], it is more than typically ignored. There is much banter, but little Activism and/or Bumps to spread the messages and keep the momentum moving forward.

2. DailyPaul will typically front page articles (news, gossip, fun, etc.) but not material related to Activism and/or Public Events.

3. You scream that Ron Paul was ignored, but when the opportunity arises for you to be heard and make a difference, little/no participation is acted upon.

I am disappointed with many of you who talk a good game, but do little to make a difference :-(

You can disagree or vote me down, but it means nothing, I am stating it as I witness it.

Edit: Here is a perfect start http://www.dailypaul.com/277071/un-small-arms-treaty-peititi...

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You hit the nail on the head

We aren't getting out of this without force, and we are too cowardly to use force. If we were a nation of better men, the power of the elite wouldn't last until tomorrow.

The same people who taught

The same people who taught you in public schools that violence doesnt solve anything are the ones who demand that armed men kidnap or blow peoples brains out if they dont pay taxes.

+1 for this part

"You have been taught from birth that violence solves nothing while the whole time you have been enslaved by those who use violence to gain what they want and now you want to sign petitions and vote to regain your non existent freedoms."

Personally, this thread reminds me of all the "oldfag versus newfag" threads I used to see on 4ch years ago.

Even during America's "freest" times, there was slavery, women were mostly treated like second class citizens, child labor was common, and the majority of folks didn't have a say unless they were rich and White. Oh, and let's not forget the genocide that took place to establish "the freest country in the world".

Come to think of it...really not much of a difference today.

A signature used to be here!

There does not seem much interest in intelligent discussion

based on thorough research. Lately I seem to get down voted just because of my name on a comment. I notice a few others are getting down voted the same way.

On a post yesterday where there were some intelligent comments being made someone came on and posted pure drivel comments just to get everyone off topic. It did not succeed because no one responded to that person but it does interrupt the train of discussion, and the person down voted everyone. Then everyone down voted the apparent troll? So what is the game being played? http://www.dailypaul.com/276995/zionists-have-set-up-the-ent...

It just happened again today. Everyone was down voted, including me. And this is a great post. http://www.dailypaul.com/276793/lets-make-a-deal#comment-298...

This site is either infested with trolls or immature people who cannot have an intellectual discussion and actively interfere with others having intelligent discussions.

Please do not lump me in with your assessment...

however much I appreciate your concerns, please view my posts over the last several months as I am active (activist) in bringing to light issues regarding Aspartame, vaccinations and medical professionals warrantying their opinions...I am fighting anyway I can to act for the interests of liberty!

Peace and Love first.

Father - Husband - Son - Spirit - Consciousness

I've been railing for many years...

...against those who simply post AJ materials, links to his stuff, with an attitude that HE is moving us forward; HE is "getting it done"....

Granted, the information is mostly factual,.mainstream, and outrageous....BUT....replacing politicians with statesmen is the ONLY course of action Ron Paul endorses...

What I will gain, from a GIFT membership to Tom Woods' Liberty Classroom(given to me by a DP'er yesterday who said "we're on the same wavelength") will serve as both weapons of truth, and armor against lies; which will suit me better to lead, run for office, teach or whatever as I stay the course of Liberty until I arrive at a more secure and defined position of credibility.

I am just ONE example of what happened when these tyrants collapsed the economy upon the heads of the poor, deliberately under-educated, and misinformed; who always had the best of patriotic intentions whilst central planners were destroying this nation's foundation from within the halls of government, and Ron Paul was being IGNORED on a mass scale!

I don't need anymore Alex Jones documentaries, outrage,.or hype....and a great many immature need to grow up out of that anger-provoking info-tainment world, and MEET libertarians.and fed up conservatives FACE-TO-FACE in their own backyards to lend a hand in LABORING and sacrificing for this cause!

We're not going to watch this country get back on track from behind a keyboard; we have to ENGAGE the enemy, not throw up pious platitudes and emotional fervor for something we expect OTHERS to do for us....somebody here made an investment in ME yesterday, based on TRUST....now I have to honor that!


"...MEET libertarians and fed up conservatives FACE-TO-FACE in their own backyards to lend a hand in LABORING and sacrificing for this cause!

We're not going to watch this country get back on track from behind a keyboard; we have to ENGAGE the enemy, not throw up pious platitudes and emotional fervor for something we expect OTHERS to do for us...."

Goddamn right!

What would the Founders do?

Wrong directions can go the wrong direction



That is my own forum where I report my own activities participating in petitioning. It works.

Petitioning works.

How does it work?

You find out that the criminals who took over government do not obey the laws they enforce upon everyone else.

Now what?



Not good enough for you?

How about round two?


End the FED
End the IRS
Bring the Troops Home (not in body bags)
Do so by July 4th 2013


There are many examples right here on this forum.

Common Law remedies are abundantly available, starting points offered, on this forum.


You can't find one?

I did.

Right now I'm stuck trying to find the California Enabling Act.

If I find how to trace back "relation back" a land title to the original patents I can then be armed to defend a piece of land that I can own, or not own, but I'll know one way or the other without having to depend upon a Union Lawyer.

I can discuss my progress with anyone caring to know how I am fighting for Liberty, which is universal, not something I own.

If you think my Liberty Day Challenges are wrong headed, so be it, but punishing everyone for the acts of what you may think everyone is doing is what - exactly?


I think that is sort of a red herring

I agree with you to a point. I was actually hugely disappointed in the drop in activism from 2008 to 2011. Remember the $6.8 million money bomb? What was our biggest one in the last cycle? 1.5?

Part of that is people decided giving the campaign money and sign-waves didn't work....possible they are correct. 2007 was exciting as Hell! But, we ended up with more to show for it in '12 by getting more people involved in the party business. (Locally we actually achieved about the same because they saw us coming this time, but a thousand times better overall with delegates nationwide).

I guess my point is that your call for activism might be falling onto deaf ears. Personally, I think your petition is pointless. How did those online petitions work for Campaign for Liberty? During the "crisis" in the fall of '08 my senator got up on CSPAN and said that they had received tens of thousands of messages from citizens begging them not to vote for the bailout, but our lovely representatives knew more information and had to vote for it to save the world.

If someone presents me with an activity to reach the public and I think it is viable and effective - I'm all in. I am part of Liberty Classroom and try to keep in touch with local activists. But, most of the local former Ron Paul folks are going the way of agorism or voluntaryism and trying to achieve the most individual liberty possible. They have pretty much given up on the political process. I don't agree, necessarily. But, I have no evidence to show they are wrong either.

All that said - I respect your position and your energy. But, you need to offer a viable alternative to our defeat over the last six years.

"In the beginning of a change the patriot is a scarce man, and brave, and hated and scorned. When his cause succeeds, the timid join him, for then it costs nothing to be a patriot."--Mark Twain

Agreed. The time to petition

Agreed. The time to petition and elect is over. Any activism at the national level is fruitless. Did anyone not learn this with the blatant fraud during 2012? Petition the UN? I cant believe people are still that naive. Freedom will be won LOCALLY. If you want freedom, then you are going to have to leave the computer and talk to your neighbors and interact with your town or city.

I totally agree, I feel like

I totally agree, I feel like there is a shift of focus here at the daily paul. I mean the majority of the articles that make it to the front page are just conspiracy theories and lack any kind of facts. In fact the other day there was an article about sinkholes where the guy just ignores the science behind how they are formed and turns it into questioning there formation as a means to develop yet another conspiracy theory.

We definitely need to start getting more news worthy articles on the front page more

Democracy is like two wolves and a sheep deciding whats for dinner- Benjamin Franklin

Also people here get fussy

Also people here get fussy when you talk about there conspiracy theories

Democracy is like two wolves and a sheep deciding whats for dinner- Benjamin Franklin

Michael Nystrom's picture

Thank you for sharing your process.

Just a reminder:


(and vice versa)


He's the man.

Thank you, Michael :-)

I saw that and responded. It does cause one to think :-)

I believe that this is the first time that you have acknowledged one of my posts :-)

"What if the American people learn the truth" - Ron Paul

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Today is an important day. You got exactly what you asked for

Rand's filibuster is perfect for activism.

Rand is currently offering a graceful way out to the Democrats. A simple bipartisan statement that they don't condone killing citizens on our soil.

He's the man.

Michael Nystrom

No, I did not get exactly what I asked for.

You see, your site or not, and parables or not [even if some are true] selectivism is rampant within this so-called movement.

I have witnessed the growth that has occurred when everybody was united. Indeed, this is not about one man [Ron Paul], me, or you. It is doing what it takes to realize an outcome. Since that man [who we wanted as our president] has retired, some have lost hope, and some have gone off into different directions. As libertarians, that is to be expected, and understood. But what is not realized by the younger generation, such as you and others, is that to succeed, to win, one must persevere with focus and consistency.

As I followed this thread and the negative responses, I was almost suprised to see many jump immediately on that Rand bus. Don't get me wrong - I applaud Rand full-heartedly and am proud of him. But he is one egg in a basket. If he succeeds, there is truly hope. If he does not, more people will be let down, and possibly will no longer participate in whatever activism happens to be the soup of the day.

This is where dems and establishment have us beat. They are well organized, more so than many of the folks here. Here is a reality for you, and others: Though I OPPOSE mob rule, majority DOES win in this current system. And before we begin to see consitent results, we MUST continue to build our numbers, and support each other every chance that we get.

Well, I would go on, but I believe that you may possibly get where I am going with this. So it is here that I will get off of my high horse.

Thanks for your consideration, and support. Michael.

"What if the American people learn the truth" - Ron Paul

What is the purpose of the Daily Paul?

Apparently, you see the Daily Paul as a staging ground for activism and you assume other people have the same view. There is value in camaraderie and a sense of community that this site provides. I come on here to see that I am not alone in my views and values, to find interesting news articles, and to gain new perspectives on issues in liberty.

While activism is important to me, it is not an all-encompassing, passionate driving force within me. Part of that is because most of the activism here is directed to political action, and I don't believe in political solutions. But I also want to live my life.

Years ago, I read a blog post somewhere that really stuck with me. I forget who wrote it, but I will paraphrase the guy's sentiments. He said something along these lines:
"When it comes down to it, on a beautiful Saturday afternoon, I would rather ride my bike than spend the day indoors, lobbying a Congressman to pass a bill that will result in somewhat lower spending. And when you come to me on my deathbed and say 'Look what we accomplished, we lowered the income tax by 30%!' I will say 'Big deal. I wanted to be free.'"

With that said, I am all for non-political activism. Bring it on the proposals on how to spread the ideas of liberty, how to start and/or promote ancap businesses (arbitration, patrol services, etc.), how to promote technologies that reduce the power of the state (3D printers, Bitcoin, permaculture, etc.) and so on.

“The welfare of the people in particular has always been the alibi of tyrants.” — Albert Camus

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What is the Purpose of the Daily Paul?

Just more entertainment? An assortment of random blog posts that can be found anywhere on line?

It is more than that. It is the community. The community that has been here, since the very beginning.

It once had a focus. The reason it no longer has that focus is because it was the only single thing we all could funking agree on!

But I do agree with this also:

"When it comes down to it, on a beautiful Saturday afternoon, I would rather ride my bike than spend the day indoors, lobbying a Congressman to pass a bill that will result in somewhat lower spending. And when you come to me on my deathbed and say 'Look what we accomplished, we lowered the income tax by 30%!' I will say 'Big deal. I wanted to be free.'"

That is so awesome. It just captures it perfectly.

At the DP, we're like this huge, big, unwieldy, motely crue. There are liberals here. I come from the liberal side of things. The reason it is called the Daily Paul is because I was copying the Daily Kos. After the Theft of 2000, I spent a lot of time there. Right into 2006, when the anti-Bush anti-War crowd was very vocal.

It is incredible to have seen that disappear. Right back into thin air, after Obama (Obomba) was elected. The Nobel Peace Prize Winner.

Seriously, how thick does the irony have to get before anyone takes note.

I suppose everyone knows - they just keep their heads in the sand.

The anti war folks are demoralized. As was Obama's role. He played his part masterfully. And nothing has changed. How could they not be demoralized? They got what they wanted!!! And then it turned out, it wasn't what they wanted.

It would be like if Ron Paul actually did get elected, then inexplicably, he turned into Mitt Romney. We'd all be like, "WTF?" It would be painful. Gut wrenching. Horrible. There would be so much misery and regret, for all the work we had done, to then, at the final goal line, be suckered and duped.

Well - that's what Obomba supporters feel like. I knew one well. He got a sucker punch from Obama. He truly believed, and then he fell off that cliff and woke up. This guy was a Nader activist in 2000. He feels kind of s#!t^y about that as well.

AT this point, I see political activism as part of the same trap - for me.

The tendrils lead back to the same place. The machine. And you can try to go into the center of the death star and blow it up from the inside like Rand Paul is (supposedly) doing. Or you might make it to the center of the death star and say. "Wow! I never, ever knew the sweetness of the elixer of power that I feast upon daily here." And you might get a little comfortable, and decide to stay.

Who knows what will influence that decision? Even Frodo wanted to keep the ring in the end.

That being said, What you think of me is none of my business, and vice versa.

Activism on the ground. That is a huge pressure point. That is why I put Ron Hino's post:

Demand Texas Rangers Arrest Officer Brown #7047 from Austin Police Department on the front page.

That guy - Antonio Buehler - is courageous.

Right now I'm a little burned out on what is going on the hallowed halls of Congress.

But the Drones issue is a big deal. And Bradley Manning is a big deal. And Antonio Buehler is also a big deal.

They are all symbols of Rubicons crossed.

And yet we all glide by them so casually. Personally, I think people are too distracted. It is all happening out in the open. We could stop it if we were conscious, but we're unconscious. We're being unconsciously manipulated by fear and greed, using the money supply as a tool. The money supply / the global economy is the strings by which they control us. Every transaction is a Fed transaction. They take a piece off the top of everything. And that piece is getting bigger and bigger and bigger.

The Fed Rubicon was crossed 100 years ago. And now we look back.

Manning has a shot to become our Nelson Mandella. Something. Someone. A person. A symbol. To rally behind. Not only is he intelligent, he has a moral heart. He did the right thing, regardless of the price. He took a huge risk.

We the people owe him a lot. We are all, in some respect or another, in debt to Bradley Manning. He just got turned into the scapegoat. He died for our sins. So we can all carry on.

He's the man.

When YOU do not participate in your community

When YOU do not participate in your community [ie: local/state/country], others will make the decisions for you.

See my edit at the top of the thread. Please sign the petition.

"What if the American people learn the truth" - Ron Paul

Do not...

Do not fail to recognize that the process of which you speak implies that the majority has decision making powers for the minority. This, we must get away from.

I didnt know the dailypaul

I didnt know the dailypaul was the yardstick for activism. If there is no activism on the front page... then there must not be any activism anywhere. I am going door to door, in my local state election. Wow. Maybe I wont sign that petition because I dont like putting my name on documents that could be used against me someday.

Is this site only for activism?

I come here for news mostly, because I like the information dug up by other liberty minded people. If you want that all to go away and get back to activism. Then I suppose the dailypaul would crumble. I know many people who come here just for news. However, maybe unlike you I stayed in touch with other Ron Paul activists in my area and we are going door to door on saturday. So, maybe you should look up at meetup.com or something like that where the site is purely activism. They have no ads, little traffic, few workers and an inferror product to THE DAILY PAUL

See my edit at the top of the page.

There is more than just reading about things.

"What if the American people learn the truth" - Ron Paul

Do you not understand my

Do you not understand my comment. The website would shutdown. The ads help run it. Without views it would shut down and Micheal will have to cut employees. Cut information spreading. Local elections do not need to posted on a worldwide site. That is meant for local people. If we had every city posting its activism... lmao omg.

double post sorry


What can I do?

Lets us know what to do and it would be easier to do it. I didn't really know what this post was about until I clicked the link and read it. You know we all like activism. You just need to tell us who can help, where, how, and why? I live in Utah, what can I do? The ability for this website to function as a place for activism to take place seems isnt as good as we need it to be. Its hard to sort through all the posts, and I do see good posts drop so quickly sometimes. Theres just so much bad news.

Whats stopping you from

Whats stopping you from taking action?

I AM taking action. Maybe you can too :-)


"What if the American people learn the truth" - Ron Paul

I dont think people here are

I dont think people here are interested in that because they dont believe in the UNs power to begin with.

Thank you ...

... for bringing this up. I agree. I have been trying for two years to get RP supporters to run for Central Committee seats nationwide, and with little or no success. Central Committees have empty seats EVERYWHERE. In the vast majority of cases, they will add you to an empty seat simply if you ask - they are so desparate to fill them. Especially now after the election with so many Central committee members stepping down.

Central Committees control EVERYTHING. Think about that. Here in Maryland it would take just 300 people to hold a majority of seats in BOTH PARTIES!! 300!!! So far we have about 30 of us holding seats. Let's get more!

I take my marching orders from the Constitution!