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The Daily Paul Is NOT What It Used To Be; There Is NO Interest In Activism Or Reclaiming Our Republic.

1. Little to no Activism. When I and/or others ask for help [and take the time to create/publish material], it is more than typically ignored. There is much banter, but little Activism and/or Bumps to spread the messages and keep the momentum moving forward.

2. DailyPaul will typically front page articles (news, gossip, fun, etc.) but not material related to Activism and/or Public Events.

3. You scream that Ron Paul was ignored, but when the opportunity arises for you to be heard and make a difference, little/no participation is acted upon.

I am disappointed with many of you who talk a good game, but do little to make a difference :-(

You can disagree or vote me down, but it means nothing, I am stating it as I witness it.

Edit: Here is a perfect start

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Nothing EVER stays the same. That's just the nature of the world

Regardless, the DP still is an awesome site for politics, interesting stories, debate, etc.

Just look at the past.

Activism kicks into gear 1-2 years before (in this case, that's 2014-2015) a presidential election, reaches its peak during the 6-8 months leading up to it, and falls into oblivion for a couple months following it. The cycle rinses and repeats.

Personally, I'm rather pessimistic about our political future. What if the financial collapse occurs before the next presidential race? Life ain't a walk in the park after a currency is destroyed. If everyone is trying to trade their precious goods for other goods and stave off looters, they probably won't feel that waving "Rand Paul 4 President!" signs are a good use of their time.


Agreed, and if you do post something about activism or campaigning, people act like we're not supposed to be going out and doing anything about it....that it's a lost cause.

Those of us who are actually actively working to infiltrate the political arena with liberty candidates are often ignored, we need a code word so we an stick together.

Our solutions

do not lie in the political arena. I think most of the reason why people will not get on board with most of my solutions is because they do not include supporting some candidate (other than sheriff) or voting for someone.

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Maybe people are still tired from all the work this past election season? It took me a minute to get back into activism mode after the election. I think the front page news is a little less politically driven lately because there is not a whole lot going on as far as specific candidates (yes, I know you have been keeping Amash articles flowing, but other than that who is there really to watch right now?).

I actually never came here much during election season because I was busy campaigning, but I hear there was much more going on then. I like to read current events here, but as far as activism... well, I keep that in the real world.

((( jrd3820 ))) Here is what I was complaining about.

Yes, I do like Justin very much, but that was not the intent of this thread. There is more than a committee seat or single man for president. Here is what I was complaining about:

Can you please give it a boost and a vote up? :-)

"What if the American people learn the truth" - Ron Paul

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Lol of course...

I do try to keep your stuff bumped. I thought you were annoyed at the lack of reception for your Amash articles the past few days.

I know that you do :-)

Thanks, jrd :-)

It's not so much Justin, it is the lack of activism which is needed if WE are to take control, as the Constitution defines. Many here are hoping that Rand will solve ALL of the problems come 2016, but they do nothing to get involved [such as promoting Justin's PUBLIC appearance, and getting flyers out to oppose small arms treaty].

Thanks again, jrd :-)

"What if the American people learn the truth" - Ron Paul

Sure there is interest

Come on, I just got supported to go to the CA GOP convention where I learned a lot about GOP politics on several levels and am now beginning to put together a resolution for in Oct.

Many here are waiting for a P A U L, what's stopping YOU from doing that? Will call when I get into town. ((((((((((PAF))))))))))))

Thanks Granger :-)

I responded to your other post that linked this one. Disregard the first and please do the second :-)

"What if the American people learn the truth" - Ron Paul