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#StandWithRand: Rand Paul Filibuster Update & Open Thread

Filibuster began at 11:47am ET March 6, 2013
Filibuster ended at 12:40am ET March 7, 2013


He quoted Greenwald and even mentioned Luke Rudkowski's question to Gibbs about al-Awlaki's kid.

Now he's saying it's not partisan, and his proof is that he voted for Kerry and Hagel even though he has almost nothing in common with their politics.

This man is playing chess.

Edit to Add: I was inspired to add this quote by the Doctor "Speak up, speak often and don't worry about those that at this point can not understand as they can never un-hear what we tell them." ~ Ron Paul

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scawarren's picture

Why the hell is Johnson

Why the hell is Johnson saying "take a vote"... does he even know what the question is?

It is easier to fool people than to convince them that they have been fooled. – Mark Twain

It's midnight. He's probably

It's midnight. He's probably tired or drunk. XD

DJP333's picture

Johnson just called the Senate disfunctional


"It’s not pessimistic, brother, because this is the blues. We are blues people. The blues aren’t pessimistic. We’re prisoners of hope but we tell the truth and the truth is dark. That’s different." ~CW

Wife thinks I'm a nerd.

Sitting in bed watching CSPAN on TV, with laptop on my lap searching twitter trends. She doesn't get it. I didn't even watch the Super Bowl, but I'm glued to this monumental event.

Free market capitalism isn't right for America because it works better. It's right because it's free (and it works better).

She JUST figured that out? ;-)


This is history in the making.

Nah...History Buff

Just another Patriot like the rest of us tonight.

"I, __________, do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic."


There is no duration defined in the Oath

TwelveOhOne's picture

12:05 am

"Madame President, I would like to quickly respond to that, ..." -- I find this amusing, he's been going for 12 hours now. Love it.

I love you. I'm sorry. Please forgive me. Thank you.
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Loved that too...

I was thinking "you got all night, man."

Jonny R
Fellow Lover of Liberty

The CFR is getting desperate... the appeal to 911 obfuscation!

The CFR is getting desperate.

Political CHESS is playing out in front of America! It is not about votes now! It is a true CAUCUS at work here! The opportunity to speak freely, to debate, to convince with truth!

Expose the lie Rand. Don't allow them to obfuscate the issue with political sound bites of which the public has no understanding.

Enough of the patronizing idiot and oath breaker Durbin!

Send him packing! Ask yourself how each of these 'saprophyte Senators' have actually voted!

Then stand on one ground... the constitution! The rule of law!

Due process!

Truthbearer's picture

Dick is...

...a dick!

Talk about dreading up the dead!

Does he realize how many people are laughing at him that know and understand well all the implications of 9/11 and who did and how it happened.

They did have drones, satellites, and drills too. They could have stopped building from coming down at 5:30pm that evening, but didn't. The made the decision to "pull it."

I have to admit that I was disappointed with Rand ...

But he is doing something VERY important right now, and doing a fantastic job.

And the fact that 12 Republicans are having dinner with Obama is telling as well.

Turbin Durbin

wants a hearing in some closed chamber of the Capitol Building. What Turbin Durbin doesn't understand is the people are having their hearing right there, right now.

Rand just droned Dick's "question"


Give him another boom Rand!!!

This guy is on freaking fire after 12 hours....

Go The Distance

Go The Distance


Hopefully this will lead

Hopefully this will lead people to look into the horrors of our overseas drone program as well. When it hits home and you are forced to put yourself in the shoes of 'those people over there' your perspective can change quickly.

Dick Durbin


πολλα γαρ πταιομεν απαντες ει τις εν λογω ου πταιει ουτος τελειος ανηρ δυνατος χαλιναγωγησαι και ολον το σωμα

Does Durbin really believe...

that a drone is capable of fighting another airplane? They are not made for that dipshit. Stop trying to change the subject.


Couldn't believe he had the nerve to try to steer the debate to what like Rand just said " using a red herring " Dispictable!!

Good answer by Rand to the

Good answer by Rand to that noob's comments.

This guy(Durbin) is really

This guy(Durbin) is really striking me as such a snake. His body language is dripping with snake oil.

To climb the mountain, you must believe you can.

yup, a DEFINITE snake

Durbin's heavily funded by the drone lobby.


now check out this a-hole pulling the 9/11 card, like Cheney, asking irrelevant question on a relevant point; Rand NEVER argued against defending against using drones to fend off direct 9/11 type attack, but Douchebin is acting as if Rand's saying 'no you should let them attack us, even when it's obvious, like 9/11.'

the Dem. military ind. complex whores are the worst type. At least the repug RINOs are a bit more open about it; frankly they're not astute political players enough to hide it.

I read recently a wonk's analysis on difference between typical dems and GOP, I believe while not applicable to all, but broadly apropos. He stated that for the most part, the Dems are political professionals. They don't start businesses, they don't have any other life to go back to. Politics IS their business.

GOP on the most part use govt to further their business. Their real aim isn't to muddle around in govt sector forever (at least those who actually come from private sector), though obviously many do.

Dems are the modern equivalent to the Mandarins.

They're the Royal Courtiers who actually ran the monarchies of yore; they're the shadow faces behind the monarch. They're the useless rhetoriticians; that's ALL they do. They yap about doing something while doing nothing, in reality. That's why they're much more adept political operators; case in point: Bill 'Stain on Bluedress' Clinton & oBUSHma.

The way the O-bots are responding to oBUSHma's equal warcrimes, those if done under GWB reign they'd go apoplectic over, at least feign to be, are the same douchebaggy delusional Stockholm Syndromed dementia idiots who justified Clinton's Waco, Ruby Ridge, and his illegal Balkans bombings.

Dems on the most part want to be lied to better. Nothing more. They love and accept all evils of the state, despite what they publicly feign to detest.

Of course, over generalized, but to the political factions that apply, what Gerald Celente says about it is pretty apt:

" 'Conservatives' believe, 'Liberals' LIE!"

Predictions in due Time...

"Let it not be said that no one cared, that no one objected once it's realized that our liberties and wealth are in jeopardy." - Dr. Ronald Ernest Paul

This guy sounds hostile, but

This guy sounds hostile, but he is agreeing with us?

scawarren's picture

No he's not.

No he's not.

It is easier to fool people than to convince them that they have been fooled. – Mark Twain

he just said "I stand with

he just said "I stand with the Senator" He is making no sense.

Piers Morgan #StandsWithRand

egapele's picture

ugh, that was some pretty filthy stuff

following Piers. The back and forth with those people is pretty nasty.

Is Durbin making sense?

Nope, he's an apologizer for the state.

I bet Rand would love to claim back his time

from this clown but appreciates the help.


TwilightZone alert: what do Sarah Palin, Herman Cain, Glenn Beck, Matt Drudge, Code Pink, John Cusack, and Cenk Uygur have in common?

They ALL #StandWithRand...or at least the last two wonder where the Dems are.



Durbin on now, the Drone lobby whore and the ANTI-GUN TRAITOR!

Durbin's gotta be on par with MSDNC's Chris O'Dunno when it comes to 'ick' meter.

Predictions in due Time...

"Let it not be said that no one cared, that no one objected once it's realized that our liberties and wealth are in jeopardy." - Dr. Ronald Ernest Paul