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How to register as a Republican?

I intend to vote in the NJ Republican primary, but how do I first register with that party?

I am also in the middle of filling out the NJ voter registration application, and there is an optional party affiliation field. Do I need to enter "Republican" in it?

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Running an AD in the Concord or Union in NH about oct 12

Hey I just called the Concord paper.... Is there anyway someone in NH can run an ad stating a few key points about Ron Paul and that if you want to vote for him, you must Register as a Republican or Independent by Oct 12. I called and the deadline is today, but you can run an ad for $142 that is 4 1/2inchesX4inches... I am waiting for a call back from the Union, but the deadline is today too.... Can some people in NH organize it and get it in today????



Writing "Republican" in the field is what you need to do.