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Federally-Owned Ammunition Plant Lays Off Workers

The army would rather buy ammunition privately than make their own. Ammunition is back ordered for months for us, but the government now must have all that it needs. For what is the question?

Lake City employees offered ‘voluntary layoffs’
By MARK DAVIS - March 6

Hourly workers at the federally owned Lake City Ammunition Plant in Independence have been given “voluntary layoff” offers as part of a plan to reduce the workforce of 2,600.

The cutbacks result mainly from modernization efforts during the last eight years, according to Bryan Kidder, a spokesman for Alliant Techsystems Inc. that operates the facility for the U.S. Army.

Previously, the Army had said the plant’s 30 government employees could see cutbacks as part of the broad federal spending cuts known as sequestration. Kidder, in an email, said the layoff plans are not related to sequestration.

Kidder said the number of expected job cuts and their timing is unknown but that an involuntary layoff likely will follow the voluntary departures.

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