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The Anti-Drone Spying Argument

The Drone Spying Side of the Anti-Drone argument

There are two against arguments surrounding drones: spying and assassination. Let's tackle spying.

I think there are two major "culprits" behind why Drones are in our lives at present -- The Religious Demand and The Consumer Demand. This means all people are responsible (not just the religious).

We are moving toward a 100% surveilled-society -- IMHO it's a mirroring of the religious mindset "god's omnipresence" created-philosophized by man. From we "behave" better if we believe someone is watching toward we "behave" better if we KNOW someone is watching and the punishment is asset-freedom based (not philosophical -- ie., you'll be punished by god later on, in hell, so behave now).

Gov't or religion is born one out of the other (you can organize the mama-child birth how you like) but you cannot argue that one did not come out of the other (I'm not talking pre-civilization mysticism, animism, or un-organized paganism - I'm talking Big Box Religiosity); there has always been Big Gov't and Big Religion and never a time when there was one without the other.

We (the consumer) buy the living hell out of cameras and video-tech (software and hardware) -AND- no one can deny that people behave differently when they "know" they are being watched (though we are still going through the adjustment phase).......It is the central argument for religionists and lovers of santa-clause (that someone is watching, keeping a list, so behave yourself).

Now it's a reality -- and the consumer is making it happen (we buy camera-video tech and we vote and lobby) and the religious want it for justice reasons (again there being someone who will right the wrongs - to punish in absolute terms).

I'm not scared of being surveilled either -- mostly because there's nothing I do in private that's interesting or embarrassing; but that's not the reason, why I wont invest in fear or anger towards the idea of Drone-Surveillance.

I'm not saying I want this reality -- I'm just saying I live in a world where Consumers-Voters-Politicians WANT this tech (by their consumptive choices and actions) -- I cannot stop it at all because I buy the camera-video tech.......it's a multi-billion dollar industry with sub-industries in the 100's of billions per year.

How many pictures do you look at online -- Facebook, Pinterest,Instagram, Twitter......PORN!!! How many videos YOUTUBE!!!

How popular is "reality t.v" -- how popular are movies or t.v period?

We are voyeuristic creatures -- We want to know what people do in their homes.........this is not a spying issue, drones are not here because of gov't -- it's here because we want to be watched or at least we want others to be watched and we want to watch them as well.

You cannot go back to 1970 -- the time to stop "all-this" was in the 60's or 70's.

We have to learn how to "move with" the times -- if we want a "seat" at the table or we must become detached (emotionally).

We have "voted" in this reality with our consumptive and religious choices and by consuming the ballot-box as an economic good.

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