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Let's Gather some ideas for activism.

I have been mulling over ideas for activism that could serve to grow the liberty movement. As many folks have noted lately, the DP has been devoid of activism, and practical efforts to grow the movement outside of the cyber sphere. I'd like to propose an idea, and get some feedback. I'd also like to solicit other ideas for activism as well, so feel free to comment or suggest ways my ideas or any others that are suggested could be implemented.

Ideas for activism should be one winning issues, preferably issues that are generally non-partisan. The reason for this is so that we can attract new recruits to the liberty movement from all across the political spectrum. When the tea party was more non-partisan it enjoyed far more support, once a group becomes partisan then it becomes calcified, and is on its way to slowly withering on the vine. So, without further ado I'd like to introduce my concept, which I'll dub "the sherriff project".

The sherriff project revolves around a simple political reality which I believe can be leveraged to grow support for the liberty movement, while actively fighting to stop a current assault on our liberties. This idea will also play on a bit of an existing trend, which I hope will provide the initial wind at our backs for this activism to truely blossom into a movement. This project should be decentralized as much as possible, but could use a central web site where activists could swap videos, ideas and tips on how to be more effective. If you are still reading this, then I'll assume you are actually interested, so here goes.

The Sherriff project will aim to get every sherriff in the United States to confirm where they stand on the gun debate. In short I would like activists to ask their sherriff where he stands, and it should be on the record. This is a more pointed effort along the same lines as Oath Keepers and similar groups, but it leverages a very popular issue across party lines, the right to keep and bear arms. By doing this we reach a great cross section of people, many of whom are on our side, but are very apathetic. Over time these people can be slowly draw into the liberty movement. As they grow in their knowledge of current events I have every confidence that many of them will become activists in their own right, and liberty will truely become popular.

The basic process as I have thought it out is this.....

Contact your sherriff on the record, and ask. E-mail is best since it provides a written record. Phone calls, and letters to the editor are also great as a first step. In order to grow your movement try and get in touch with local radio talk shows if you can find a sympathetic host. Call in every day or so until you get to pitch the idea of a local sherriffs project to the host. If you find a sympathetic host keep calling with activities and reports of activity by your (hopefully) rapidly growing group. Remember to always be civil and treat the host as the king of the airwaves that they believe themselves to be.

Many sherriffs will already be on our side. If they have not done so publicly ask them to make a statement to the press that they will not allow for their constituents to have their rights arbitrarily stripped away by outside officers. If this is accomplished then be sure to follow up with a good relations blitz to thank the sherriff for standing up for your rights. I'm thinking along the lines of a nice newspaper ad, and some strategically placed yard signs thanking your sherriff. Maybe worded along the lines of "Thanks Sheriff XXXXXX for supporting my human right to self defense, please support the sheriff for re-election"

Many other sheriffs will be anti gun. We need to get these guys on the record as well. I'm thinking the effective way to do this is to rally outside the sheriffs office. Be sure to invite the local news crews. Doing this on a weekday evening when there is nothing else much to report about should at least draw an few reporters and cameras. Try to turn out at least 20 people at a minimum so your protest doesn't come across as pathetic. Ask everyone to write a letter to the editor along the lines of "If my sheriff won't defend my rights, how can I support him" Keep the heat on with a public campaign shaming the sheriff for not supporting your basic human right to self defense. Yard signs could be useful here a well, maybe something along the lines of "shame on Sheriff XXXXXXX for not protecting human rights" Let them know that you intend to make it your personal mission that they not be re-elected if they cannot make it their personal mission to defend your rights.

Finally will be the majority of Sherriffs that simply won't go on the record either way. These are the toughest, they must be made to go on the record. Once they are on the record use the previous methodology. If they absolutely refuse to be put on the record let them know that you will be forced to consider them to be antagonistic to your liberties unless they will confirm otherwise.

I believe that this is a general system that can be applied to many nonpartisan issues, and a wide array of targeted public officials. It will work best as it is at a local level, no need to convince activists to drive hundreds of miles for a rally, it is much easier to get attendance and attention on a local level. Thes ecampaigns can also be run very cheaply. Much like the growth of the tea party in its early days this sort of activism could see the liberty movement explode into the public conciousness, and provide the spark our movement has really been lacking as of late.

Please provide your thoughts/comments/arguements. Keep this thread (or some similar future incarnation) going, grassroots activism needs to be our number one goal now, so our organization is ready to support our liberty candidates in 2014 and beyond.

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A couple of ideas:

- Make a Public Access television show
- Highway Blogging
- Side-walk-chalk-a-thons
- Grocery Store Info Drops (leaflets in the aisles)
- Short Video Recorded Public Statements at your State Legislature
- Bumper Stickers
- Custom Stamps
- Liberty Car Flags
- Moneybombs
- Run for City Council
- Become a PCO
- Get on your State Central Committee
- Stone Soup Community Events
- Facebook Memes



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