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Into the Streets for Rand Paul Filibuster, They Can't Kill Us Without Trial!

Just wondering if this is the time for us to make up a flier and get to streets, town squares, crossroads in support of Rand's filibuster of Brennan over the assassination of US citizens. Even one person in a town with a sign and some fliers can get this starting to snowball.

Submitting this as HQ thread for flier, sign ideas. Also how to throw up a Facebook, anything you can share about organizing.

Rand is sweating it, he has stepped forward. Let us follow his charge like brave patriots, so he will look behind him and see he is not alone. News bulletins here as well.

Can someone pound out a basic flier/fact-sheet, with a few good links? (maybe changed to TinyURL.) Don't forget your congressmens' phone numbers.

History is upon us. Let American Spring begin NOW.

Filibuster link:

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