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Nigel Farage: Leaders utterly unplugged from thoughts and hopes of ordinary people

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Who are these "leaders" of whom he speaks?

I recognize none.




For bumping this

Great video of Nigel Farage

Thanks for posting

I really respect him, always have.

He nails it on the head. He wants "his" people in "his" nation to get the jobs. He doesn't want to hand out what precious few jobs Britain has to the "open door" immigrant mentality, and I couldn't agree more! Obviously, for highly technical jobs that need to be filled that aren't from within our borders, a company could then get a foreigner, but I know personally of those that come here that have gotten their educations, then, expected to get a job handed to them, as if they were "more" priviledged than those who have lived and paid taxes here all their lives. These jobs are in fields where we have MANY GRADUATES that could take those jobs.

I know some from Romania, and they are working here and have taken viable jobs from our citizens. Oh well...