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The Rule Of Law!

Everyone needs 2 wake up! This is not the wild west! Saddam was a business partner of GHWB , Hunted down,killed his son's, his grandson! Disgusting!No rule of law! Gadaffi ,murdered.Dornan Murdered,No trial by his peers . We are on a very slippery slope!!!Anyway, We should be thanking God have Ron and Rand Paul standing up 4 us ! Imagine the silence without them! "They got the guns but we got the numbers, gonna win,yeah were taken over, come on!!!"

Rnd paul

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Did you know?

...that the "wild west" was generally more peaceful than the "rule of law" eastern seaboard, and that eastern industrialists invented stories about the "dangers" of the western territories in order to frighten people against moving away (which would have decreased the supply of workers back east and consequently would have increased the wages necessary to employ them)?

...that Jim Morrison's father commanded the part of the Pacific Fleet which was implicated in Gulf Of Tonkin fraud?

Try plugging these names into duckduckgo.com:

Jim Morrison
John Phillips
Charles Manson
Laurel Canyon
Lookout Mountain