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It's Time to Stop Being So Exclusive

Every few days I see a post that reports how Mark Levin is praising Rand Paul in general and/or a specific libertarian policy of his, and a lot of the comments are, "Here's a link to him bashing Ron Paul! I hate him!" or "He's a wolf in sheep's clothing! Don't trust him!"

Mark Levin is the third most listened to radio host in our country (behind Limbaugh and Hannity) and reaches over 5,000,000 people a week. And I'm willing to bet that many of his listeners are politically active and most likely life-long Republicans who are ready to become true constitutional conservatives once they hear the right message.

I understand that Mark Levin will never be libertarian on foreign policy. He will most likely never like Ron Paul. But he has a huge audience and he's espousing lots of libertarian ideas.

The liberty movement is never going to grow if we completely dismiss anyone who isn't 100% purely libertarian. We need to welcome EVERYONE!

We should be drawing people in by our similarities (social issues for Democrats and fiscal issues for Republicans) and welcoming them to the movement, all the while trying to explain why liberty is important both socially and economically.

If you are the kind of person who wants libertarianism to remain a small, exclusive niche group then by all means attack and smear anyone who isn't 100% pure libertarian.

However, if you are the kind of person who wants to prevent a collapse of our government by electing libertarian-conservatives to public office and changing the course of our country, then I suggest you embrace ISSUES and IDEAS that come from ANYONE.

If Mark Levin doesn't like drone strikes on Americans in America, then let's praise him for THAT ISSUE. If Glenn Beck, Rush Limbaugh or Sean Hannity wants to balance the federal budget, let's praise him for THAT ISSUE. If Nancy Pelosi, Joe Biden or Barack Obama wants to legalize drugs at the federal level, let's praise them for THAT ISSUE.

When these people start talking about tyranny, of course we should disagree with them. But when they talk about liberty, we MUST commend them!

If we remain exclusive, we will remain irrelevant in national politics. If we become inclusive, we just might change the course of the country.