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New Method of Creating Energy Through Water Osmosis Discovered

By JG Vibes
March 6, 2013

Every few weeks now there is a new discovery that gives us a glimpse into what the future of energy could look like if governments and oil cartels would just get out of the way and let human beings create. In the past few months we have seen battery chargers that harvest electricity from thin air, converting waste heat to energy, and a group of children in Africa win an international invention fair by creating an electricity generator that was powered by urine.

The newest energy breakthrough was revealed last week when a group of French scientists announced that they had discovered a new process for creating energy through water osmosis that actually may be able to harness enough energy to reach a desirable power yield.

Scitechdaily Explained this revolutionary new process in a recent article:

Using boron nitride nanotubes, researchers have discovered a new method for harnessing energy from the salinity difference between fresh water and salt water.

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