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There Will Come A Day When Rand Paul Is Asked This Question:

As history unfolds tonight, in such a remarkable way I'd like to take the time to confront the inevitable, most important question that will be asked, eventually.

Q: Senator Paul, how are you different from your father, Congressman Ron Ron Paul?

Everyone here knows Rand is going to be asked this question if he runs for president. It's going to happen, like the sun will come up tomorrow.

Rand Paul's answer will probably not sit well with many hardcore, loyal Liberty lovers.

Rand Paul's stated foreign policy positions will be (are) quite different from his father's foreign policy views as we all know.

"End the Fed," will probably not be one of Rand's rallying cries...and a gold standard will probably not be talked about much either.

That being said, Rand Paul should be everything the GOP would desire in a presidential candidate in 2016.

Rand is a lot like Ron Paul, but 30 years younger, and has a foreign policy approach that is realistic, not idealistic in political terms.

How many times did you here this...

"I like Ron Paul, but his foreign policy is questionable."

"I like Ron Paul, but he's just too old."

Those were the two biggest, "complaints," I heard in 2011-12.

Rand Paul is in his 40's, and has a more aggressive foreign policy (political) approach - but he's balanced in a very pragmatic, realistic way - hence the Filibuster of the Century.

Some say Rand Paul compromises too much.

Perhaps, but as I type this moment, Rand Paul is drawing a line in concrete, not rhetorical political quicksand.


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Rand is nobody's fool!

Rand Paul is nobody's fool! He is playing the political game like a master! I have seen that all along, and knowing that, I do not question much if anything that he does. If you know how to dance well, you generally don't trip over your own feet.

He is Ron Paul's son, and while he is not his father, he sure did learn a hell of alot from his father.

This is my One Liner

Rand Paul is Ron Paul's Transition Plan!

"Air is the very substance of our freedom, the substance of superhuman joy....aerial joy is freedom."--Gaston Bachelard--

Our populists and anarchists

thought they are true guardians of liberty and can cast in or out candidates for the role of "our leader" after Ron Paul.

With the banner of Liberty moving away from Rothbardian anarchists and DP populists to Tea Paty and others, our folks became belatedly worried and more accommodating. They began feeling lonely lately and they love being part of the collective.



What is his foreign policy exactly?

How is it different from his father's?

I have two more questions for Rand.

1) "How could you 'enthusiastically endorse' Mitt Romney when he 'enthusiastically endorsed' the NDAA and the President's "kill list"?

2) "Why did you not condemn the fraud, intimidation, brutalization and kidnapping of Ron Paul delegates, at local, state and the national conventions?"

Ted Cruz said Rand would be conducting this filibuster "whether or not the President had an "R" after his name." HOW would Rand reconcile his filibuster if our POTUS was named "Romney".

This filibuster is great political theater, but nothing will come of it unless the people follow it with real action.

Theater is a play....politics

Theater is a play....politics is a chess match. It may seem obvious to take out the rook, or knight, but at the same time one must save, acquire, and build up their own political ammunition in order to checkmate the King.

Never be afraid to ask simple questions.

and chess is more important than theater?

both are enjoyable past times.
Honestly. I used to think like you. But now I don't.

Today he is...

...showing the part of his dad in himself bigtime and I'm loving it!!!

No one in the Inane-Stream Media will ask him that.

'Ron Paul' is the name that they dare not speak.


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