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Sen. Ted Cruz makes Twitter history by reading tweets for Rand Paul filibuster on the Senate floor (Video Included)

Rand Paul filibustering over drones: I will not let Obama ‘shred the Constitution’

Rand Paul has been *standing* for more than 9 hours

As Sen. Rand Paul R-Ky. approached the 8-hour mark of his filibuster in protest of the Obama administration’s drone program, his colleague Sen. Ted Cruz R-Texas approached the Senate floor to read tweets in support.

“I feel quite confident that the senator from Kentucky is not aware of the Twitterverse that has been exploding,” Cruz declared. “So what I wanted to do for the Senator from Kentucky is give some small sampling of the reaction on twitter so that he might understand how the American people are responding to his courageous leadership.”

Cruz began reading tweets out loud for over five minutes on the Senate floor, citing the popular hashtags #StandWithRand and #filiblizzard. As electronics are banned on the Senate floor, Cruz read them from several sheets of paper.

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