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Reality Check - Sen. Rand Paul's Talking Filibuster of John Brennan

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Provoked Wars

AG Eric Holder cited two extaordinary circumstances in which drone strikes could be used: the attack on Pearl Harbor and the 9/11 attacks.

The attack on Pearl Harbor was provoked by the actions of Roosevelt so that he had an excuse to go to war.

Until we get a new investigation on the 9/11 events that may prove otherwise, it looks like 9/11 could be an inside job. The real question is who were the perpetrators? In any event, the attack on the WTC towers provided an excuse to go to war.

Of course, if the U.S. is "legitimately" attacked, then we have a right to respond accordingly. The military does exist to defend country.

Which is why I said

that Eric Holder said we shoulda dropped a drone bomb on Dick Cheney.

Ben Swann....

More please!:)

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Ben Swan, Reality Check: Alert to a clear & present danger.

Well presented in simple terms. There is a clear & present danger.

Ask Pogo. Pogo's response would be even more succinct... as to who the enemy might be.

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