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Rand Paul didn't pee for 13 hours defending our rights!

Rand Paul Yields the Floor; Filibuster Ends at 12:40 am

"...Paul cited, as one of his reasons for stopping, the need to use the bathroom. Traditionally, the rules of the Senate do not permit a "talking" filibuster to be sustained if the Senator conducting the filibuster leaves the chamber. He expressed regret that he had not broken the late Sen. Strom Thurmond's record of over 24 hours, but declared that the effort--in which won support from Senators of both parties--had been worth the effort..."


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Thanks for the info.


Exactly what rights was Rand Paul defending?

OUR RIGHTS? YAh sure your rights not mine. As I see it he was trying to block the appointment by a USURPER who sits in the oval office through crooked elections. From what I can tell he acomplished nothing?

So please explain to me how stalling the appointment of the crime agencey head CIA for 13 ours in any way protected your rights. The executive dictate to use drones to kill or spy on anyone that the CEO in charge of the corporate USA governemnt wants to put on a hit list still stands. As far as I can tell Rand Paul did not even stop the appointment.

But I do give Rand Paul some credit, after endorsing Mitt Romney over his own father (which everyone wants to forget or explain off).

Rand seems to be a throwback NEOCON. Whereby the new GOP is an extension of the RNC as dictated by the Rothschild criminal family who finances and controls both parties.

So sorry to rain on your Rand parade, acid rain, but not only no but hell no.


I bet he'll vote to confirm him

like he did Hagel. Rand "Play Ball" Paul isn't my idea if standing tall for Liberty and shouldn't be others either but we live in a bizarro world these days.

"Me for Libertee, me okay with drone bomb robber"

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We should've had a Port-O-San delivered

Imagine the look on the security people's faces ;)

I wouldn't have minded him taking a nice long

leak on the senate floor.

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A limerick in honor of Rand's efforts...

From Kentucky, came Senator Paul
To DC where he had the gall,
To defend liberty,
By refusing to pee
And a traitor's appointment was stalled.

This is the article that got my posting privileges revoked:


Just a joke, I probably would have needed some if I went that long without peeing.

Senator Gravel used a catheter and bag.


Free includes debt-free!