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HotAir.Com LOVES Rand Paul

There's no greater hive of scum and villainy than HotAir.com. These are some of the most "turn Iran into a parking lot" hardcore mindless neanderthal republicans you'll ever find. HOWEVER, They are absolutely IN LOVE WITH RAND PAUL.


This filibuster was a dagger through the heart of partisan hacks. I've got a guy I debate with on a sports message board who seems to support everything Democrat, and everything Obama - no matter what. But tonight - he said he liked Rand Paul and hoped he ran in 2016. The man's integrity and genuine care comes through in a way that John McCain and Mitt Romney just did not. Probably because they weren't genuine, or very principled. This filibuster over something so important, only to have the White House epic fail, has made Rand Paul a household name overnight and in a way that crossed party lines dramatically.

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