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Rand Paul pulls plug on nearly 13-hour filibuster

By Philip Ewing | Politico | 3/6/13

Kentucky Sen. Rand Paul staged the longest talking filibuster in recent Senate memory from Wednesday into early Thursday, railing with his colleagues for more than 12 hours against what they called the danger of drone strikes to U.S. citizens on American soil.

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All that stands between us

All that stands between us and tyranny, is one man's bladder...

I don't think he pulled the plug

I think he flushed it.

Love or fear? Choose again with every breath.

against what they called the

against what they called the danger of drone strikes to U.S. citizens on American soil.?

How about the REALITY of drone strikes on U.S. Citizens?

"What They Call" what a freeking editorial scam.. What THEY Call.

Rand Paul!

Man this guy is awesome. He actually made the Senate do some work! Funny seeing our elected officials actually doing their job for once.

I am Ron Paul

Exactly what work are you talking about.

As far as I can see nothing was acomplished.
A simbolic gesture as the titanic sinks?


When even my liberal

When even my liberal democrate friends are responding to my facebook posts with comments like this:

"I don't normally agree with Rand Paul, but he's right that the president shouldn't be able to execute Americans without due process. He's making a lot of sense."

"He's right. Where is the Obama of 2007???"

I'd say he accomplished a lot in waking a lot of folks up to the fact that Bush started these policies (Patriot Act, Iraq War, etc) ... and Obama ramped them up even further.



Point taken.


I agree with you. He did the

I agree with you. He did the best he could, but the corrupt political system will continue on this road until the end. There is no saving the US.