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Sen. Lindsey Graham says :Criminally mentally ill 'should not be able to' buy guns: introduced legislation Wednesday afternoon

This could be abused by labeling whoever you want disarmed as mentally ill; such as war vets, dissidents. You can be picked up without a warrant and held indefinitely. Do you trust this government not to abuse this legislation?

WASHINGTON (WCIV) - Sens. Lindsey Graham (R-SC) and Mark Begich (D-AK) introduced legislation Wednesday afternoon aimed at preventing gun violence through stronger background check prosecutions.

The bill, dubbed the NICS Reporting Improvement Act of 2013, clarifies when a person loses his or her rights to purchase or own firearms based on mental illness.

Graham and Begich, along with Jeff Flake (R-AZ) and Mark Pryor (D-AR), introduced the bill that targets people who have been determined by the courts to have met a series of criteria, including being a danger to themselves, being found guilty but mentally ill in a criminal court, found not guilty by reason of insanity, being found incompetent to stand trial, and requiring involuntary treatment at or commitment to a psychiatric hospital.

"The best way to prevent crazy people, mentally unstable people, from getting a weapon is to identify them somehow before they try to murder," he said.

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Graham is criminally and

Graham is criminally and mentally ill, and has admitted that he owns an AR-15. By his own logic, he should be the first to be disarmed.

Resist the temptation to feed the trolls.

Power to the Quacks

Such legislation will ultimately empower and give more authority to Psychiatrists, who are frequently the most incompetent people in the medical field to start with, and who are then indoctrinated into a "specialty" which is largely devoid of anything that resembles objective science. Allowing them to call themselves M.D. tarnishes the rest of the profession, indeed many would disgrace even the title of witch doctor.


"Sen. Lindsey Graham says :Criminally mentally ill 'should not be able to' buy guns".

Well that definitely disqualifies Lindsey. People of South Carolina, why do you vote for this man? He IS NOT a conservative!

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"The best way to prevent crazy people, mentally unstable people, from getting a weapon is to identify them somehow before they try to murder"

Does this include armed drones?

This is a huge issue

I am concerned about this issue, and have been ficusing my attention to it here in my county where there is a battle to put "Laura's Law", which is like New York's "Kendra's Law", into action. Some call these laws "forced medication", because anyone, that anyone deems "mental", does not have to be veiwed by a doctor, but by a judge, with no arrest or charges, or crimes, except someone, could be anyone said that person was "mental". I imagine, it's going to occur of the level of public help to homeless homes.

Because there are battles being waged around the USA, it seems the feds are moving into capitalize (because this is going to help the pharmcuetical companies tremendously) in the name of gun laws, which are a threat, because of the UN arms treaty.

It's not just the secind amendment that's up for being lost, but the fifth, as Rand, Mike Lee and Ted Cruz pointed out last night.

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Ashamed of my senator (Pryor)

Ashamed of my senator (Pryor) and happy I never voted for him!

It is easier to fool people than to convince them that they have been fooled. – Mark Twain

does anyone really believe

that making the insane or criminals illegal to have firearms will stop them? How stupid.

Like the post below. If you've served your time then all rights are restored. If you are not in an asylum then are rights are protected.

Why is that so hard to understand?

The convicted felon who has served time and released really wants a gun he will get whatever he wants unknown to anyone.

The crime is not the possesion of the gun but what someone does to someone else.

I really hate these victimless crimes. Total BS

They will disarm us through attrition.

As it stands now individuals convicted of a low level second class misdemeanors, felons and mentally disabled are prohibited from possession of firearms. The Feds have a threshold of any crime punishable by one year in prison while my state, Pa., has a two year threshold. How can these conflicting regulations be reconciled? Anyways, the government will continue to lower the bar to strip individuals of their Constitutional rights until things such as a traffic violation will brand you a criminal and place you in the category of second class citizen with no Constitutional rights. Hey, look at it this way, we've already been stripped of our protections affording us trials and such by "Licensed to kill,James 007 Obama" and his handler "M" Holder. Is it true that Michelle just had a fitting for a crown?

There are no politicians or bankers in foxholes.

We already strip convicted fealons of right to bear arms

and courts all over this land feel free to order certain citizens not to own or possess.

Lindsay is such a snake.

Be brave, be brave, the Myan pilot needs no aeroplane.

maybe jaywalking will become a felony

that is how these gun control nuts work. they will use any method to disarm the people.

If you are not incarcerated why should your rights be restricted

If the government has no right to keep you locked up then they have no business oppressing you by restricting and abridging your rights.

A free man is not free without his right to defend one's self.

Lindsey Graham is pandering to democrats and doing his best to keep gun control legislation alive in congress.

Lindsey Graham believes in attacking the rights of free men and women.

Question: If someone is too sick to have a gun, shouldn't that same person be locked up so that they don't grab a knife and stab people? Why is the gun the issue?

Question: If someone is too sick to have a gun, shouldn't that same person be locked up so that they don't jump in their car and run over people? Why is the gun the issue?

I say let everyone have their guns everywhere they go, even the weirdos. Then we can repel any non-sense where ever we find it.

A person who has committed no crime should have their rights protected. A person who has served their time and who has been released back into the public should have his or her rights restored upon release.


Whats the litmus test? Which

Whats the litmus test?

Which statement best describes you?
1 Pro big government
2 Anti big government

Yes. Thou shalt not speak against government

or point out any error of government, unless you want to be labelled and deemed unworthy to own a gun, and perhaps worthy of a drone execution..

Criminal mentally ill

Doesnt that describe most of these sold out puppets who go to washington dc to enrich themselves at the Rothschild false debt, slave, hog trouth.

Mr Graham you seem to fit my criteria for cimmminaly mentally ill, what should we take away from you.


Damn I really hate these people

The 2nd amendment is very clear. There aren't any exceptions to who can and can't be armed. Crazy people have a right to protect themselves as much as anyone else.

At first I thought your

title was saying Graham is criminally ill and shouldn't be allowed to buy guns. ;)

Which segues me into the topic of psychopaths. The ones who can't adjust to "the game" become criminals. The ones who play it well find a way to get in power. And one of the many reasons we find ourselves being treated as criminals is that old psychology term, projection. The psychopaths in power know how to use our morality and fears against us, but don't truly understand them so they fill in the gaps of understanding our potential with their own potential.


For the legislation, yes, it'll be abused. Psychopaths will find weapons when they want them. If they're going to violate the natural law of not hurting people, they sure won't care about Graham's legislation. Yes, we should be afraid of how full the world is of psychopaths. All the more reason not to curb our access to weapons.

And if they identified psychopaths young, Graham would have been tagged, too, because he wouldn't have known how to play the game yet.

Defend Liberty!

Thanks. changed the title a little.

"The ones who can't adjust to "the game" become criminals. The ones who play it well find a way to get in power."

Your insight begs the question of WHY the world is full of psychopaths? And where do the masses of non-psychopaths fit in? Why do the psychopaths need to rule over others?

Why do most of us feel no desire to rule over others?

If psychopaths know the potential

of other psychopaths, then they are going to believe the only way to stop them is controlling them.

The research on child psychopaths sounds pretty hopeless. No matter what they do to try to get through to them, the children are just learning how to manipulate the game. The more sound the moral approach, the more kindness they try to show by example, it's all a game the children learn to use to their advantage. The only thing they can do is implement behaviorist controls (rewards/punishments), exactly the opposite of what I advocate for parenting in order to build trusting relationships, in order to make conformity in their best interests. It has nothing to do with raising them right, it's just more convenient to raise them in a controlled way. The "best" outcome is that they stay out of jail, which just means they'll be on the outside causing harm and knowing how to avoid the negative consequences for it.

Psychopaths want to control people because that's the way they get the most perks. Power means acquiring more pleasures and avoiding negative consequences or just the negative things the rest of us might encounter. Their carnal motivations are simple in comparison to ours, though their lives may look just as complicated on the surface as they try to conform for the perks not being found out offers them.

Non-psychopaths can want to control people, too, but it has to do with believing they know what's best or fear. Psychopaths in power use that fear against us to talk us into letting them control us in exchange for the promise of controlling those scary masses, too.

Defend Liberty!

Thanks for the insightful explanation.

So in the end maybe psychopaths need to control others because they fear them. As you said
"If psychopaths know the potential of other psychopaths, then they are going to believe the only way to stop them is controlling them."

And the non-psychopaths who think they know what is best for everyone just want to control "those scary masses, too."

So it is fear. That seems to me to be dealing at an animal human predator level, where territory is established and defended. The alpha rules the territory and controls the others in the herd or tribe, and keeps all the females for himself to preserve his strong bloodline.

I've been talking about this bait and switch for a while.

I KNEW this was going to happen. The COMMIES scare the crap out of everyone that they are going to confiscate ALL guns and then the "conservatives" compromise to avoid it.

ABSOLUTELY this will be abused. The PLAN -> Is to gradually segment off our society into groups which can be singled out and then one by one people's guns are taken away.

THERE WILL BE NO MASS CONFISCATION -> Everyone waiting for the proverbial "SHTF" is CLUELESS!!!

The SHTF EVERYDAY - 100s of times PER DAY - > Depending on WHO you ARE!

They get what they wanted in the end.

This allows data collection from a young age and elimination of whoever the PTB deem unworthy. In Hitler Germany this data collection opened the door to eugenics; elderly first, then disabled, then anyone they chose to kill.