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From Yahoo news - Filibustering like a boss

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like the anti Paul trolls wait til the article slows down and then come out of the woodwork to slander the name.

Considering the grave seriousness of the issue at hand

I found this article's levity and condescension utterly tasteless and even repulsive.

The issues of when to use remote-control warfare, what boundaries we should have for fighting terrorism and domestic surveillance, when the government can use lethal force against American citizens, and what constitutes due process are complicated and filled with ample grey areas.

No, not at all, it's very black and white: the President should not be able to murder whomever he wants.

But Paul can look like at least a minor hero to so many people because of the one big idea uniting the motley #StandWithRand crew: We should really be having this conversation in the U.S., now, publicly, before (probably non-lethal) drones above our heads become just another part of this American life.

Minor hero? To some people? Who are motley?

F U, yahoo.


Motley refers to an 80s metal band called Motley Crew. As for what your critique, I completely agree.

Nah...other way around

The term "motley crew" was a well known turn of phrase LONG before the metal band of the 80's came along, and its meaning probably influenced them to adopt the name for their band, which is "Motley Crue". (a play on words)

"A motley crew is a cliché for a roughly organized assembly of characters. Typical examples of motley crews are pirates, Western posses, rag-tag mercenary bands and freedom fighters.

Motley crews are, by definition, non-uniform and undisciplined as a group. They are characterized by containing characters of conflicting personality, varying backgrounds, and, usually to the benefit of the group, a wide array of methods for overcoming adversity."


This is the meaning that was implied in the article, and "pseudonym" was correct in pointing it out as a veiled dismissal of the group.


Very good article.

I was somewhat taken aback

I was somewhat taken aback that such positivity came from Yahoo. Did you happen to read the comments? They were mostly positive too. Seems that the American people were just waiting for someone to step up and show them he was on their side with a small personal sacrifice of time.

There is an odd feeling in the air. ✄

It feels like a big layer of nasty-ass lying, cover-up, partisan bs was just peeled off. It feels, all of a sudden, as if Americans are like "Hey! We better start standing together against this tyrannical leviathan or we are in trouble". ✄ ✄

Thank you, Rand Paul!

1000000000000000% agreed. I

1000000000000000% agreed.

I love the smell of Pauls in the morning. :D

≋≅☁ [sniff sniff] ≅ ☁≋☁

I see what you mean!