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Be careful with your RFID Credit Card, it can be stolen...

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RFID Blocking Pouch

The company I work for makes a RFID blocking pouch that not only protects credit cards and passports but also your cell phone. What this video does not tell you is that it is VERY easy to protect your credit cards from a skimming device. They operate at a very low frequency so a piece of tinfoil will work. Protecting the information on your cell phone is a whole different ball game because of the frequency. This is not a sales pitch of any kind, but more of an educational piece.

I wish someone would swipe someones card info like Lindsey

Graham's so we could buy a few drones of our own.

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I remember about 6 mos ago I went to a Jack in the Box without any cash. I kept looking to try to find a way to run my card thru and they said to swipe it across. I figured it picked up on the magnetic strip.

Boy was I wrong.

Thank you SO much. My card is actually really old and it does have an RFID chip in it. I would boil it or microwave it for a bit but if I destroy the magnetic part I'm screwed.

I'm sharing this far and wide. Here I thought I already knew and that my card was really old and probably didn't have it. What a dummy! My card is over 4 years old!

Anyone know how to destroy the rfid part without damaging the magnetic strip? Where is the chip located?

Another edit, there is no depression, and I ripped off all the front of the card (it was wearing off in any case. The back is fine.)

I wonder if you can ask the bank for a non RFID chipped card.

I think I already saw a similar video and looked for a chip and didn't find one. But now I know ))) = RFID

Mythbusters were making an episode about this but Visa said no.

Visa threatened to pull the advertising so the episode got shut down and never aired. Just another example of big business stifling the truth. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y8TZc_gALVw


There are wallets made out of aluminum and/or lead. Anyone know if wrapping them in aluminum or lead - even simple aluminum paper would thwart the RFID signal?

Word to the wise

RFID anything can be stolen. It broadcasts into the open air.

Drill a hole through the chip.

I do it on all my cards just takes a small bit (1/16"). Find the depression on the card where the chip is by tilting the card under light and just drill a hole through it. Done.

Protective sleeve available here

Ski Pass Defender makes RFID privacy products and is a liberty business :)


Highly recommended !

Too easy

No credit cards.