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My email to Jason Tanz (WIRED Article)

In the Feb. 2008 issue on page 28 he writes a negative RP article regarding digg. He said RP is soo popular on the internet but it bad because its a weak candidate. LOL, this guy is sooooo ignorant of pretty much all his reasoning.


I would do a bit more research because your article looks to be very ignorant on Ron Paul’s reasoning. Basically you lack understanding of the issues.

- Gold Standard. This has me rolling on the floor. It shows your complete lack of understanding of economics and financial issues. We had the gold standard way before you were born when we had the greatest growth in our nation’s history. Nixon completely cut that ties in 1971. Want to look up what happened after that? Can you spell inflation? Do you even know what causes inflation? I doubt it. Do you even know about the “Sub prime issue” LOL, it was caused by alan greenspan because he lowered interest rates too low and enticed people to spend since money was cheap. The next 4-5 years will be the hardest you will ever experience because of the massive inflation coming home. You are so helplessly wrong on this it’s laughable. I would take a look at Austrian economics because that is what Ron Paul has studied. The “reasonably successful economic policies” have created massive inflation BECAUSE of delinking from the gold standard. What’s your 1971 dollar worth in 2008 dollars genius? I guess all the savers were *rewarded*.

- Minimum wage. LOL another good one. Ron Paul believes the free market should set the wage. Do you really think a business owner should be forced to pay someone a wage that that person is not worth? If that person couldn’t justify being paid that much in a free market then why would you need to force someone to pay them? That’s called stealing. In other words, you as an editor, how about we make a *LAW* that says editors should have a maximum annual salary because they are paid too much for their skills. This same thing happens with nurses as there is great demand for them their salary rises with the demand. Your thinking just doesn’t hold up but this is so socialist it doesn’t warrant my time to educate you. Why worry it’s not *YOUR* money anyways.
- The UN is trying to remove our sovereignty but yet you want us to march to their orders. Pretty soon this country will be hated by EVERYONE around the world because of our policies (including our economic policies, we export inflation to other countries and sell them bonds/securities via fraud).

So I don’t expect you to have the knowledge to comprehend “how” you are wrong because you lack all the “correct” information to write a good informed article. So go ahead and dismiss this email because you’re going to get plenty more now that you pissed on people that believe in Ron Paul.

- Austrian Economics (http://www.mises.org)
- Foreign Policy (http://www.amazon.com/Foreign-Policy-Freedom-Commerce-Friend...)

Thank you for your time

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