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Chris Duane's attack on Bitcoins And his Silver Shield CULT

Let's examine the recent propoganda campaign put out by Chris Duane against Bitcoins

We have a guy, a Mr. Chris Duane from The Silver Shield, Who has developed a Cult. Think of them like his herd which he shepherds. Well some members of his herd have come to see that one of the objectives of the herd and one of the fundemental principles behind the cult can be achieved by using Bitcoins. That principle being walking away from an evil system built on Debt and Death. Some members are starting to see that using Bitcoins instead of dollars actually bypasses the Federal Reserve system, It actually diminishes the power of central banks and works to end the debt and death power structure.

See, The members who realize this have come to understand that they can still hold on their ideas about Gold and Silver but fundamentally what eventually needs to happen is for them to stop using dollars. Some have seen the value in Bitcoins because this is a great way to do this. However, The shepherd does not like this, it is a big NO NO for Chris. He can't have his Cult thinking such things. See, he profits dearly from his herd. He sells them his Medallions and shirts and posters and so forth raking in profits for him. If His herd start buying some Bitcoins instead of some of his Medallions well, there goes some of his profit. So Chris reverts to elitist propoganda tactics by putting out a fear mongering baseless propaganda campaign against his competition, Bitcoins. Never mind that ultimately Bitcoins works toto undermine the power the elitist posses. One which he rallied against and built his brand on that opposition. Nevermind that it is in step with his fundamental principles of walking away from an evil system... What's important to Chris is that his herd not stray to far. So it was time to keep his herd in check and assure he can continue to Milk them for whatever they got.

Don't be a sheep People. Don't be part of some collective herd following your Shepherd and all he says. Come out from the Cult like trance that you people have been put into and think for your selves.

Do you support the evil FIAT dollar system or do you want to work to end it? Do you support Liberty or do you support the Tyrants that look to undermine our freedom? It comes down to that simple Question. No one is saying to not buy Gold and Silver. No one is saying that Bitcoins is the end all be all. What people are trying to tell you is that if you really want to walk away from the system, if you really want to strike a blow to the bankers, STOP USING DOLLARS! If you want to use Gold, silver, peanuts, shells, or Bitcoins that's up to you but for Liberty sake stop using Freaking Dollars.

In my opinion Bitcoins is definitely a great way to transact and a viable currency. Maybe you don't share this opinion and thats fine but don't get on your soap Box and start out right lying and knocking people who are actually working to end the Fed by using some alternative currency while your sorry butt is over there making love to Ben Bernanke and his FRN's. Stop being that Hypocrite bastard.


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To each his own

I dont value Bitcoins as an investment but for their utility. I believe it is so much more an efficient and honest system than the dollar that eventually it will be a real force. With the manipulation of the Dollar people are not receiving value for their goods. For instance silver at $29 is not a free market number but one in which the powers at be have manipulated. Honestly, I'd sell my silver for Bitcoins before dollars. I think this will be an eventual trend as people get tired of the paper ponzi scheme. Then Bitcoins will become a currency on it's own with goods and services not priced in Dollars but in bitcoin. Theoritically I think the price of Bitcoin in dollars should be in the thousands. So this lil spike doesn't bother me. I think we will see much more jolts like this especially as it becomes much more popular. My Prediction... Bitcoin at $300 in 6 months. $800 in a year..


pretty damn close brother. how much will btc be in 2015?

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Best advice on the DP I've ever read.

"...if you really want to walk away from the system, if you really want to strike a blow to the bankers, STOP USING DOLLARS!"

I Agree

With you on this .. I follow Chris and bought his coins, but he pissed me off when he dissed AJ for the Piers Morgan gun control.

Well to each his own, like Chris says listen to all follow none

Thats what he says

But I believe he really does want people to follow him. I've noticed he has somewhat of a complex when someone questions him. He is so dogmatic in his beliefs he leaves little room for him to be wrong and is so prideful he'll never admit to being wrong either.

You have to use dollars at

You have to use dollars at some point. What job is going to pay you in bitcoins? What grocery store is going to take bitcoins? What happens when electricity goes out. It's delusion to think using bitcoins are going to do anything to the Fed. The solutions lie in using legislation to audit, expose, and dismantle the Fed, not trying to undermine it with some other form of non-backed money that requires electricity, an internet connection, and a computer.

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Cash is needed for spontaneous purchases. Bitcoins can be used as cash... especially online.




French Company Paymium is working on Bitcoin creditcard and Kim Dotcom wants in:


There already exists a bitcoin ATM: Here is Jeffrey Tucker's experience:


Bitcoins are not dependent on electricity. Because you can store your bitcoin wallet in the Cloud; encrypted... dude there is even this thing called a brain wallet (which) Im not going to get into right here. http://electrum.org/ offers such a service if you're interested.

Bitcoins are so well developed that they don't even need the Internet... That is for some other day!

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I'm not talking about

I'm not talking about storage, but actual usage. If there is no electricity at the store, it's not going to happen. Online anything is not fiat, it's just electronic dollars. Fiat is paper and coined physical money.

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Internet archive pays their

Internet archive pays their employees in bitcions if they so choose. I'm sure more places are to follow. You can't expect something so new to be accepted everywhere right away.

I'd rather get paid in

I'd rather get paid in precious metals.

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Oh wow,

Delusional? Your telling me about being Delusional and you still believe that we can change things politically? Really? Thats the solution? If you havent noticed Dr. PAul has been trying to change things through politics for 30+ years and got absolutely nothing of significance accomplished. Sure he has brought about tons of awareness which is Great and commendable. However, If we want to speak about concrete power limiting results, Using political means to accomplish this has been an absolute failure. Not just a failure it's a catastrophy because the FED now has more power and more secrecy than ever before. Please man, Don't talk to me about Delusional.

The Solution is to walk away from their system period. To not participate in it, to no comply. To say NO. That is the solution. That is the only way things will change. It is based on personal responsibility and integrity.

OK, then be a jobless hippie

OK, then be a jobless hippie living in the woods on land that isn't yours, because that's what it would take to live up to your solution. I am not going to tell my job "no" when they can only pay me in US dollars. They are not my mouthpiece for my protest to the IRS and Fed, they are in the business of making money, which means complying with regulations.

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A jobless hippie...

Really, Thats the dichotomy you present? Be a slave to central Bankers or a Jobless hippie who lives in the woods. It's one or the other huh? No other alternatives there?

Yes, that is the dichotomy.

Yes, that is the dichotomy. The system is so widespread that there is no way to escape it other than living in the woods like an animal.

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Chris has only been selling

Chris has only been selling the silver coins and related items for the past few months. His message in the 'Truth Never Told' and Sons of Liberty Academy (which he gives away for free)...is the same now as it's been for the past several years.

Bitcoins are fine for private transactions, but I'd certainly never consider storing my wealth in them.

Chris Duane isn't the problem.

By the way, I share Chris's opinion. I'm not a cult follower, and have nothing to sell you either.

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I agree

I watched his series and loved it and bought his Medallions. That's why I'm trying to hold his feet to the fire on Bitcoins. He is deliberately spreading false information to his viewers. He is deliberately distorting information. I have never seen intellectually dishonesty from him but on the Issue of Bitcoins it's like he just flipped the switch. Why? The only reason I can conclude is because he stands to profit from the bashing of Bitcoins.