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Opening your home to the Liberty movement

This post is to encourage people to consider ideas of opening their homes or property for the cause of freedom and liberty.

For those that are uncommitted and looking for a direction or those that would like to break their commitments and find a new path, this is also encourgement for you to speak up and seek out people with similar interests and values that are willing to help.

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I want my property protected for the endangered species there.

"Wildlife Refuge For Feral Humans."

It is a funny thing, liberty lovers helping each other is a variation of herding cats. We have had a few people do REALLY nice things for us, don't get me wrong, but we also have tried and tried and TRIED and tried to do nice things for other people only to be treated like guppies ("Well, if you will give me that, will you give me this, this and the other, too?) or to be treated like CIA agents. ("Why are you giving me this? What do you want from me? What is wrong with it? Who are you REALLY....?)

Love or fear? Choose again with every breath.