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Rand Paul: Wolf in Sheep's Clothing?

I understand that this may be a controversial post in light of Rand's recent filibuster, and I am in no way attempting to detract from an excellent performance by Senator Paul in getting out a liberty-minded message in a high profile manner.

That being said, it's come to my unfortunate attention that many here have begun to forget what made this movement so incredibly unique in modern American politics, and that's principle. Unshaking, unwavering, uncompromising principle. And at the core of that principle is (in my opinion) a pretty revolutionary idea: The axiom of non-aggression. Of peace and prosperity with all neighbors who do not initiate force against you.

I've just recently written a blog post for an alternative media website I launched earlier this week detailing, in my opinion, the deadly compromises Rand Paul has made contradicting the all-important non-aggression principle. I don't know if it'll change anyone's mind in and of itself, but at the very least, I think people in the liberty movement need to be aware that support for Rand Paul may very well mean support for a man who continually violates the very ideals that brought many of us to the Daily Paul in the first place.


Feel free to down-vote at will; it's your right, after all. But PLEASE don't blindly bury this post without investigating its claims for yourself. Thanks for taking the time, everyone. Lemme know what you think!

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I've taken issue w/ Rand in the past

And I won't blindly support anyone. But Rand did a tremendous job last night. And he's still Ron's son. There's a long way to go until 2016 but I'm a lot more energized about Rand than I was prior to the filibuster.

if you wanted to promote your new blog

you should have just said so.

He didn't vote for the NDAA this year

Does this mean anything to you?
edit: how about this ?
or this?

I disagree with him on some thing sand I agree with you that voting for the NDAA would be unforgivable but the simple fact is he voted against the final bill, the one that mattered.