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School Shooter Had History Of School Shootings

Why does this video seem so appropriate, today of all days?


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Life is funny


9-11 was a panda job.

Gotta love the Onion!

"I never thought he would do it again" LOL!!

Past behavior predicts future behavior...

who'da thunk it?

9-11 was a panda job.

The Young Turks Cenk Uygur said something that reminded me

...of this video, at the 5:20 mark: http://s4.dailypaul.com/277214/theyoungturks-drone-strikes-i...

Apparently democrats are mad at Cenk for supporting the filibuster, saying that there is no record of a drone strike on American soil yet. This despite previous drone strikes elsewhere, which kind of sort of could be considered a 'red flag' of sorts, no?

9-11 was a panda job.