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Proving The Correlation Between War and US Interest in Mined Resources with Mellaurgic Value in Africa

Hello friends,

I'm beginning a new mapping project that will illustrate theaters of war in Africa and (what my hypothesis states is) the correlation with US interest in high demand natural ores with premium metallurgic value. Simply, I hope to prove the motivation of war in Africa is not a "holy crusade" but rather a fight to distract us from the extraction of natural ores from African land.

I'll have access to bodies of information, but what I really need is access to scholars (in-person interviews.) This is going to be a huge project that I hope to exhibit in a gallery nearby. It will have its own website that will keep a log of my progress, showcase interviews and link to pertinent articles.

Because most of us on this site are non-interventionists, I'm wondering if anyone knows, or is, a PhD in African Studies, Metallurgy, or something related to this study. I'm looking to answer these questions (please chime in even if you don't have "letters next to your name"):

-time frame? What period of time would be most impactful? (This will likely be a period of decades for relevance, not centuries)
-characteristics of land being mined? Using high-res satellite imagery, what are the primary qualities of land that is being mined or has been mined for ore?

Your help is most appreciated! (Of course, you'll be cited if you're published, which is an incentive to help me!!)

Please contact me with questions, I'm so excited about the opportunity for this project. :)

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I think Africans

have and will be become increasingly suspicious and protective of their assets since witnessing how China and the West in certain cirumstances has behaved in this area.

Chinese are being deported from Africa as they are antagonizing the locals with corrupt and unhealthy business and practices as I recall.


When you say "deported"...

...I'd appreciate any sources you have about the mass exodus of Chinese laborers or business men. I've found a few sources that stipulate the conflict in Libya drove 30,000 Chinese workers out of Africa and back to China.

Information is so inconsistent, so please post anything you find!


I thought it was general knowledge.

38 from Ghana


Dozens from Anglola


Chinese slaughtering elephants and rhinos in huge numbers


Chinese facing deportation in Zimbabwe for eating endangered tortoises


45 Chinese to be deported from Nigeria - Economic Crimes


7 Chinese shopkeepers deported from Botswana


Tanzania orders Chinese out of Dar es Salaam market


10 Chinese deported from Etiopia


and on, and on, and on....

****p.s. 90% of blogs in Madagascar view China in a negative way



Not Surprising

China is turning itself into an ecological wasteland. The failure to institute any effective anti-pollution laws. When they do they're easier thwarted by bribes and corruption. 6000+ dead pigs in a major river. Smog so bad the readings are off the chart. Large areas despoiled with toxic waste. Its becoming something like what was portrayed in "Soylent Green". It won't be until 1,000,000+ people die in one event that they'll finally take action.

Maybe you'll find what you need here:


I'm a serial entrepreneur and liberty activist from Texas!


My email reply got rejected...

In regards to your question about the raw data on the Afghan maps from my other post, here's my reply. Not sure, but your Yahoo email account doesn't like me. :/ Email me at revolutioncarbadges [at] gmail [dot] com if you want to continue the discussion on Africa.

Here's my reply to your question:

Simple Google search: Afghanistan minerals resources data 1976 (since the map says Data 1976)


That link appears to have GPS coordinates with raw data (see page 12) where presumably a skilled person might be able to map the mineral deposits. I can offer my graphic design skills and numchuck skills if needed! ;)

Some more info can be found here on Afghanistan, which might give you a lead on where to begin getting the raw data for Africa: http://pubs.usgs.gov/of/2011/1204/pdf/16A.pdf
With regards to African minerals, here's a link I found on Google. Perhaps it may be of use to you.

http://minerals.usgs.gov/minerals/pubs/country/africa.html (the excel files might have all the info you're looking for!)

Seriously though, if you want to do all the research and plot all the points on a map, I'll Photoshop it up really nice for you! :)

Sounds like you got the map-making portion down. Let me know if you need any graphic or basic web work.

I'm a serial entrepreneur and liberty activist from Texas!


you are bomb (dot) com

Thanks man - I totally did not see the Data 1976 at the bottom. My apologies! I was reading toooo fast.

It appears to be all Afghan-specific. C'est la vie. I was hoping that someone out in cyberland had less of a life than me and compiled all of the mineral sites across Asia and Africa for 2010+. Looks like I'm the lucky winner of that good-for-all task concerning Africa.

Roger the USGS minerals tables; it's exactly what I need, however, I was hoping to cut a corner and have it post-table shapefile format. Wishful thinking! :)

I will keep you in mind for any of my graphic design needs (I, too am a graphic designer, but time is never on my side, so sometimes I do outsource--I'm sure you can relate.) Thank you for the support, and my email is hdpearl11 (at) gmail (dot) com. I have changed it, so I shall change it on DP, too. Sorry about that!

~ 'Fire

More informative links here...


Just browsed, but there looked to be some useful info within the links on that page.

I'm a serial entrepreneur and liberty activist from Texas!


This might be what you're looking for!


Interactive map with clickable links! :P

I'm a Google champion BTW!

Google search: shapefile of african mineral deposits

I'm a serial entrepreneur and liberty activist from Texas!