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Can we have a Precinct/County/State Elections Permanent Topic?

I posted the topic about talking with Carol Paul yesterday, and there was a question about how one gets elected at the grassroots, moving up the ladder as a Precinct Member in your County, maybe even Precinct Captain,then getting elected to your county's GOP E-board & to the State Central Committee.

These are elections we should ALL participate in. This is where Dr. Paul told us to get BUSY!!!

I'd like to have regular posts on here as to which states are currently having elections for these positions, so that we can give people a heads-up to get down to their local meetings. Remember, that 99% of winning is just showing up! Right now, people could care less about party politics & it's our time to get those positions/offices.

You would be surprised at how much goes on at the state level, when you can participate at those meetings after being elected at the county level. So, what do you say? Let's start posting what's happening in the different states & their counties.

Remember last week how much you enjoyed reading about Granger at her California State Convention? She should have been joined there by 100's of other CA Liberty people who were elected members. That's what we want. Imagine how cool it would be if EVERY month we read about what our people were doing at the county & state level?

We can do this! We have the numbers. We're well-spoken. It's FUN!!!

Everyone was so excited about Rand yesterday. Well, what are you going to do if he runs in 2016? Do you think he'd have a much better chance if most of the e-board & SCC members in the country were liberty people? The delegates at the State Convention elect the National Committeemen & Committeewomen. How important are they? They're the ones who elect the RNC Chair. They are going to decide on whether to get rid of those bogus rules from the national convention, at the spring meeting next month. Those people are VERY IMPORTANT, and WE should be electing liberty people to those positions.

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Yes, please! It's a no-brainer good idea!


What would the Founders do?

Forsyth County NC's Convention

is this Saturday.. if you're from NC and you need help finding when your convention is.. let me know

I know.

In some countys, it can be impossible....but people do leave, die, etc. In my elections two weeks ago, the Chair decided to only let Precinct Delegates vote. NEVER been done before! A woman who was elected to a vacancy in July could not even vote for herself, BUT, she was elected Treasurer again! Go figure! Fortunately, she was one of us, & even with this bogus voting procedure, we still got the State Central Cmte slots we wanted & most of the e-board. I think we're going to do just fine.

But, there's another topic on DP about Oleg & his run as County Chair. We need to get the word out on him & keep him bumped, too!


Up vote times 1,000 if I could

Sad, but many people don't realize you can't just walk into your local GOP, Dem or LP meeting and do whatever you want to help the cause. There are already people sitting at the top making decisions on behalf of everyone. Bad decisions mostly.

Especially if your county leader is difficult to communicate with, more people are just assuming that the "party" has everything covered. They might, but it's usually in a very antiquated and inefficient way.

More young people need to fill precinct chair positions, stat.