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Argus drones and the Utah Data Center will soon provide total surveillance. Can Rand stop this?

Like many of you, I was glad to see Rand earning some stripes yesterday on the Senate floor. He may have slowed the total destruction of the 5th amendment but the 4th is truly the one likely to disappear without a whimper.

Though we may (or may not) be safe from the implied right of our government arbitrarily dealing death from above today due in no small part to Rand's work last night, you can bet this government will use the drones the same way they are going to use the Utah Data Center. (What is the UDC? Salt Lake TV video: http://www.ksl.com/?nid=148&sid=22705217)

Using the UDC and Super-drones like the Argus to collect information unconstitutionally and then correlate that info retroactively when someone in America hits their radar screen is sure to happen.

Those opposing this very tyranny or any other things "they" don't like, say talking to the "wrong" people or visiting the "wrong" websites, while contributing to the "wrong" causes, may now be packaged nicely against you as you will see with these colliding technologies.

Though they will call the invasion on those constitutionally protected freedoms what they want as they build their illegal cases it may not matter as they try you in the court of public opinion with your pants off surfing a middle eastern website with your AR leaned up in the corner. "Imminent Combat comes to mind."

Though I am sure Rand interrupted their desire to have the implied right to dispense their own form of "justice from above" free of the 5th amendment today, collecting evidence free of the 4th amendment will surely be used to target Americans even if not used in the trial analysis. It will not matter as they will have found you already by using this unconstitutional means. Providing info obtained this way to the complicit national media to sway the public and setting you up for arrest then should be simple work.

I am not sure if you have heard of the Argus drone? This is the key. (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ezKgbmiQzvQ).

All they have to do is; time and date correlate the Argus info to the Utah data center and you could watch all activity and cross check that with all electronic communications and transactions for total surveillance. Write some code to cherry-pick it and they are off and running.

How does that make you feel? This is not far away, from what I can determine if not here already in smaller scale.

Have any of you thought about this correlation?
I would like to hear your information to add to this discussion.

Google: William Binney

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