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Politicians Of The Future May Be Interactive, Three-Dimensional

Visitors to the Consumer Government Expo in sunny Las Vegas were not disappointed in this year's display of the latest in technology for a government-hungry America.

-Riding strong on the successes of the TEA2010 and TEA2012, U-Gov Corp offered a sneak-peak of the (codename) TEA-X, promising a nationwide release later this year.

-Consumers will soon be able to interact with their politicians in near-real time through the use of a service called 'bleater.' According to representatives from the company PoliMash Up, 'bleats' can be sent to one representative and read aloud by another on the senate floor within mere hours.

-Put on your 3D glasses! Stony offered a sneak-preview of their long anticipated IRL Poli-Specs which allow the user to experience their politician in all of its 3-dimensional splendor. For a moment this tech reviewer actually thought he might reach out and shake the hologram's hand!

Keep watching this website for more developments in political technology.

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I'd prefer

interacting as they are interred in their respective plots.
the conversations therein will mostly go unnoticed and unheard and the
reasons will be justified. As of today, as breath is still drawn into
a mortal frame NO excuse is justified.
I'm just saying.


how did this not get any votes?

“The welfare of the people in particular has always been the alibi of tyrants.” — Albert Camus

More like 'pretty good.'

...there's no accounting for taste...

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Resisting The Perils Of Automatic Thought

I read a headline here on the Daily Paul that Ashley Judd, the country music singer, was considering running against Mitch McConnell in Kentucky. My first thought was "Hollywood/entertainment type. Probably gonna be with the democrats." My next thought was "Mitch McConnell? I think I'm supposed to not like him. Guess I'll root for Ashley and hope she wins, whether it's as a democrat or a republican. They're both just sides of the political coin, anyway."

My next thought, I now believe, was the first real thought in this series. It was "Am I just having automatic thoughts?"

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