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John McCain getting a beating on his Facebook over going against Rand Paul *update*

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Thanks, skippy d! I almost didn't go there!

Wow!!!!! Holy crapolla! The shtf at last! Americans woke up! Winning!!!!!!!

God bless Rand and Ron. God bless Patriots all over America!

Now, somebody who does do Facebook needs to call them Coot and Fruit to their Facebooks.... please.

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I fixed it.

I took my

shots at him this morning. I probably was a little too colorful in my disdain for him but that turd makes my blood boil!

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McCain is getting RAILED. Over 5,000 comments on some worthless video link. LOLOLOLOL.

Do everyone a favor

Go to the page and look at the chummy pic of McCain, Graham, and Shumer in the upper right.

Three traitorous authoritarian two faced bastards in one pic

Take a minute to add your comment to that thread. It's perfect.

(PS You don't have to 'Like' or add McCain as a friend to comment)

Lindsey Graham

You don't have to like Graham's page to comment either. :)

Ron Paul convert from the Heart of Dixie


You weren't kidding. I was expecting just a few really bad comments; but then I pulled up his Facebook.

I just read about 150 posts, and not a single one was positive. The crazier thing is, there are over 5,000 just on that one thread alone! Some who voted for McCain, some who voted for Obama; it's just incredible what effect this filibuster appears to have had.

I'm not going to lie...this may be the first time Facebook has brought me any enjoyment [well...the people ON Facebook at least].

OMG!! Songbird's FB Page is a total EMBARASSMENT!!

I've never read any comments that are positive (is there?) about him...soooo HAHAHAHAHA!!!

So goes..the Rhinos

He's is getting ripped apart! [added my own barb]


Hannity is even beating up on McCain today.

Newt is joining in as well. I realize this filabuster didn't change anything legally, but I'll be damned if Rand didn't just take charge of the Tea Party and the GOP Media. Who'd have ever thought the son of Ron Paul would be getting props on Fox while they bash McCain?

Free market capitalism isn't right for America because it works better. It's right because it's free (and it works better).


What an embarrassment to our country that "moon colony" Gingrich is an elected official. Newt is amongst the very worst that this country has to offer. A career politician who made millions off his legal (though really illegal) insider trading. He runs for president, gets called out by Ron Paul for being a chickenhawk and then says "my dad served, I wasn't eligible and I did serve by being a teacher in the military". Then he panders to the people of Florida saying he'll massively expand the space program ("creating jobs for all you nice Floridians - just vote for me!"), including creating a moon colony in 8 years ("make sure to re-elect me!")

Now he's standing with Rand on defending the constitution. No thanks Newt. We need patriots, not phonies.

At this point we should welcome all the support that we can get.

I hate Newt as much as the next man, but he isn't totally stupid. He knows the liberty movement is taking off and I'm glad the former speaker has the balls to publicly attack McCain and Graham. Newt saw the power of the liberty movement during the last election and he knows the only way the Republicans can regain power with with our support. Any support for Rand is good support. I don't care if it come from neocons, liberals, racists, sheeple, dictators, etc. In my opinion, any support that helps us get Rand into the mainstream and into the White House should be welcomed.

John McCain: Enemy Combatant to the Constitution

He and his girlfriend Lindsey need to take a long dive off a high fiscal cliff.

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Haha!! LMAO!!



Lindsey Grahams Bad Twitter day

There is an interesting analysis in this article about our other favorite (RHINO).


Hashtag #PrimaryGraham

Yeah Read the Comments

on the POLITICO link you inserted too!


Damn you got my hope up when

Damn you got my hopes up when I read the first part of your title "John McCain getting a beating" but then I read the rest and was disappointed... He deserve several beatings for all the soldiers that took one when he sold out...

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People are begining to wake up

Ron Paul's many years of advocating for unalienable rights and limited government are bearing friut. It's good to see the traitors getting called out for their dirty deeds. Rand proved that taking a stand on principle, in spite of the opposition, can be a force for good in the world. Check out this post, "Rand Paul: One person can make a difference"


http://www.dailypaul.com/277342 (Rand Paul: One person can make a difference)
http://www.StandUpForYourRights.me/?p=1264 (Fast and Furious hearing)


good stuff

'Peace is a powerful message.' Ron Paul

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Haha! Looks like some of the really good ones have been taken

off, but some new ones are popping up. Hahaha!


Can't think of 2 people right now..

who deserve it more than him and Graham.




It's getting good. Come join the fun!



Wow, he's getting creamed over there

A steady and continuous stream of negative comments. If only he knew how to log onto the Internets...

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Harsh! But I can't stop reading them.

Graham is getting a beating too: https://www.facebook.com/LindseyGrahamSC?fref=ts

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