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I Gotta Admit Rand Is Winning Me Over

While I still don't hold out hope for a political answer to what's going on. I gotta admit as much as I hate Rands playing politics its working so far and he is good at it and is starting to win me over.

He is more well spoken and articulate then his Dad and more appealing to listen to for most people. He is sharp on his feet and willing to attack back when he is attacked and is good at doing it politely but firmly. Ron almost never responded to attacks even when he should have.

While a lot of conservatives like people like Cruz and Rubio Rand was the clear leader last night and made them look almost like amateurs and he is winning over a lot of people that would not give Ron the time of day...

Lets face it he is the best we got up there right now and is a natural leader and last night he showed some meddle and some real strategy in elevating his stock and gathering a following among his fellow senators and conservatives in general. So much so the old guard got scared and attacked him this morning.

I still have my concerns but after last night he could win the presidency he showed he has what it takes. Not that I think the puppet masters will allow him to win it for a minute but he could get the backing of most of the conservative base if he plays it right. It would be interesting if he got the majority of conservative backing just how far the establishment would go to keep him out and if nothing else make a serious mistake? Even though I think the elections are fixed if a super majority of people support him it is a lot harder for them to pull off their corruption.

It's a dirty game and he is willing to get a little dirty. We don't like that because most of us are principled but we're also spoiled with Ron's no compromise stands on principles. However maybe its time we get a little dirty with Rand if that's what it takes for a shot at getting this country back? We can't do any worse then what we are getting now... Just some thoughts I have been having maybe I am just out to lunch here?

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If this was any other senator...

(Even before the filibuster, I would say this.) If this was any other senator, we would (most of us anyway) think of Rand as the best there is. Because he is Ron's son, we are disappointed that he isn't like Ron....but if he had any other last name, we would have been impressed already.

Whats better?

being 100% right and getting 10% to agree with you or being 50% right and getting 60% to agree with you?

What's better getting people

What's better getting people who are 50% right to move toward being 60-70% right or accomplishing nothing by insisting they agree with you 100% or they can fuck off?

Would the 10% rather have 50% agreement with their philosophy or 70% agreement with it?

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I'm sorry

I ever said anything bad about Rand Paul, I don't agree with his endorsing Romney, but what he is doing now is much more important and valuable.

Some always fall for the

"bait and switch". Too bad you find principles so easily expendable and admire pols who "get dirty".

Rand is the sum of all fears

Rand is the sum of all fears for the Neocons. He's a sitting Senator and darling of the Tea Party.He's not foaming at the mouth and saying outrageous things. Conversely, he's saying things that Conservatives (and the general public) AGREE with ... We shouldn't be involved in every conflict that comes down the pike. Why are we giving money and arms to countries that don't support our values and theaten our allies? He's standing up to the President and winning while the Neocons are mired in appeasement. Rand Paul is an ultra-savy, calculating, guy who knows just where to place the preverbial bomb to blow up their bridge to the Conservative base ... and the Neocons know it.

Glad to hear it

This is what the Rand supporters have been saying all along. He is all we have and being a Senator is a much more influential position as opposed to a congressman. He knows what he's doing. One can't be seen to be too absolute all the time i that town or they will crucify him. I know it's tough for some but we must come together on Rand.

United we stand with Rand!

My thoughts on Rand and a question for us.

It's all speculation as to whether Rand is his fathers son. Is he a conservative? Is he a libertarian? Is he playing politics to gain power and acceptance in the GOP and then become his father after being elected president? Will he take most of our values, but not all? I'm sure Doc Paul doesn't wants us relying on one man but thats a different discussion. I have been impressed with Rand and also frustrated b/c I'm so used to Ron's way. Would I, would you, accept Rand if he improved our lives, improved our government and did many of the things we believe in, but did not go after the Federal Reserve and did not go 100% against the military industrial complex? Those are two issue that are quite dangerous to make real changes to. My answer is no, I won't bend, but then again, why wouldn't I vote for a 70% improvement? It's the lesser of two evils game again ( not that Rand is that ). It's so easy to fall somewhat back into the matrix, and it's work to actually not accept being happy slaves again. That's right, will we vote for rand if he we become much happier slaves, but still a slave? Don't rip me apart on this, I'm just posing a possibility and one I struggle with. Just a hypothetical discussion here folks.

If you support Rand

You should write a letter to the editor in your local newspaper. Say why you think Rand is right and McCain is wrong. Spread the message among the MSM sheeple.

The popular Neo-Con argument for the drone strikes is that they are needed "in case of another 9/11".

If you see this argument, be sure to point out that drones wouldn't have prevented 9/11 anyway.


that RP could have had this traction at Rands age

freedumb is not free!


Bur I the nation's economic situation has a lot to do with the traction that Ron's message is having. A lot of people that would naturally gravitate to the "liberal" message are more inquisitive because of the real state of our economy. They hear one thing, but what they are experiencing personally is quite different. Its only a matter of time, hopefully we have enough time left.

Bout time some of you woke up

Nice to see a number of people backing Rand Paul once again. Wasn't too long ago, everyone was wanting his head for "betraying" his father for Rand's so called backing of Mitt Romney. After that, Rand is this Rand is that, how could he, I don't believe in Rand.
Well, all I can say to those of you now, is bout time you woke up.

First of all, Rand Paul is not Ron Paul, but, he has had his father to learn from and to plan his future from. Rand is just as principled as his father and stands for everything Ron Paul stands for. I have known this and always believed it.

What you need to remember is that Rand has taken a different "tact and strategy", and I am sure that he has been advised by Ron Paul on how to go about exactly what he is doing. The political world is viscious and a take no prisoners game. Rand is an intelligent guy, and an obvious strategist, which is what it is going to take to survive and make it to the White House. He has to take a different route to get there and that may seem contrary at times.

But Rand must do what he must, carefully, and within certain boundaries of his princples. Play the game he must and we must be acute observers of a master game player to understand his every move!! I said in a comment last year, some of his moves were of a Trojan Horse nature, and I have no doubt that is what Rand Paul is up to in some situations. Game on people!

In winning people over...

Rand Paul is showing his true genius: http://subsidiaritytimes.com/2013/03/08/rand-paul-touch-of-g...

I'm Free like a Willy! Happy Day! Oops thats a bit of a cliche!

I have a dream...

A dream that some day there will be no such thing as "politics" or "government" except in history books. For now, I'll take solace in the fact that my friends who take sides on both the "left" and the "right" are chiming in on Rand's behalf. Baby steps...

"Baby steps..."

Bull sh|t! I'm moving into OVERDRIVE!

"What if the American people learn the truth" - Ron Paul

It is my firm belief

that in the future there will be no centralized governments. I think people will look back upon these times, when we allowed ourselves to be controlled or enslaved by a master class, in a similar manner to the way we might view something like flat-earth believers of the past. The human organism is growing and our knowledge is evolving. These are significant times we exist within. I believe we are involved in a key transition as freedom makes a comeback on tyranny.

I'm with you on that

It really won't take that much to get the ball rolling. Once 10% of the population have made it cool to be informed, the rest will follow. Only they won't dare turn back against the rising tide. There just need to be more catalyzing events like this.

You make some

excellent points. I hope you don't mind my offering this minor criticism. It probably isn't necessary to compare Rand with Ron nor to say that one is better than the other. It's like comparing Mozart to Beethoven, it's an entirely subjective observation. My personal opinion is that Ron is a genius among geniuses. His speech and rare ability to articulate the complex in a mathematical, yet simplistic, manner seems to go unnoticed by the majorities. People tend not to value that which they do not fully comprehend.

That's my point Rand is

That's my point Rand is better at communicating to the majorities where as Ron went right over their heads. It is not to say Rand is better then Ron in his ideals and principles but that he is better at reaching the masses on their level...

It rubs us the wrong way because Ron purely stuck to his principles and the people who could not understand him rejected him and where susceptible to the media propaganda because of it.

Rand picks his words very carefully and to us it is compromising but results are damn had to argue with and he is winning people over Ron never had a chance with... Our fears are that he is selling us purists out. However we can't do any worse then what we got so why not give him a chance to see if he is for real?

Like I said I still have my concerns about Rand however who the hell else up there is anywhere close to him?

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70 pounds lost and counting! Get in shape for the revolution!

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You're right,

Rand is definitely palatable to a much larger demographic. I believe his success was made possible only because of the work his father accomplished before him. Ron had to do things just as he did in order to create the environment suitable for Rand to step in and work his magic. I'm continuously amazed as I watch events unfold in the unforeseeable manner in which they have. This is an exciting ride and each one of us are playing a key role in the process.

Rand = progress!!!!

If Rand was not in the Senate i don't think Rubio would have said anything at all. I doubt the issue would have even been discussed. A lot of people on here bash Rand but just admit it, without him that filibuster never would have happened. He has done countless other great things including the Feinstein amendment and many other. Now even some democrat friends and family of mine say they like him. Rand has a much better approach in his debate style than his dad. In his senate race he told his opponent to stop attacking his family with muddy commercials and to stand up and fight him like a man! that is how he slam dunked his senate win. imagine if ron would have just said that once to romney.

how quickly we forget

the Fed

“The welfare of the people in particular has always been the alibi of tyrants.” — Albert Camus

How quickly we

fall in line with the Neoconmen.

+ 1

Many good points.
Thanks for posting.

My new signature line says it all.
Who else wants to join the STAND WITH RAND 2016 tribe?

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And I gotta admit...

It took reading a little Robin Koerner to win me over to Rand Paul.


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True for many

Can't go wrong with Robin

I think it's the people...

who are winning Rand over. Without the millions of individual citizens who are standing up for the Constitution and Bill of Rights, Rand may not have attempted the filibuster. Check out this post, "Rand Paul: One person can make a difference"


http://www.dailypaul.com/277342 (Rand Paul: One person can make a difference)
http://www.StandUpForYourRights.me/?p=1264 (Fast and Furious hearing)

"I think it's the people who are winning Rand over."

Well said. People get the leadership they deserve.

Rand Paul seems to know some of us deserve better than injustice.


do not create or spread ideas. Individuals are. I suggest you to refrain from using abstract collective terms when talking about any specific action ("society", "common good", "1% rich", "blacks", Catholics", etc.) Leave that to demagogues.