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I Need A Vacation... (revised)

What about a website where people just sign up to get on a list... to go on a vacation? We could do it first come first serve... or thru a lottery system. It could even be non-profit - with a SMALL transparent expense account for anyone who were to staff the project on a regular basis.

Initially people that join who want a vacation describe why they feel they deserve a vacation (just in a few words) and describe exactly the vacation they WANT and send in pictures and possibly even videos to post on the website so maybe people can VOTE in some way to send this or that really deserving soul on a vacation?

The people we send on vacation could also help out by making videos from wherever they are all over the world. It could potentially turn into some kind of world wide news network?

It would be a site where people just sign up because they feel like they need a vacation. Heck I might go there see all the cool videos... see people having fun... great moments they wouldn't have had if other people hadn't donated... ALSO SEE HOW TRANSPARENT IT IS RUN... sometimes catching important news that the LAME stream media doesn't tell us about?

Heck there's no way I'd be able to leave that site without dropping $10 in the bucket.. I prob wouldn't even sign up for a vacation right away anyway... of course there would be a backlog... but that would be our committment. Do our utmost to see that everyone on the list gets their vacation... become the news... and save the world.

What say you DP any interest?

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This is a great idea Vince! Someone should do it!