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Gold Swindle: The Story Of Our Dwindling Gold Ch. 3: Clear and Present Danger

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Gold Swindle: The Story Of Our Dwindling Gold Ch. 3: Clear and Present Danger(1)

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copyright 1959, revised 1961 - George Racey Jordan, USAF Major (ret)

It was January 31st, 1934, when President Roosevelt devalued the dollar after calling in all gold, giving the Government a monopoly over gold, except for claims through foreign banks.

Shortly thereafter Harry Hopkins turned the Government's vast spending programs away from domestic relief and welfare to foreign relief and construction, and to international economic aid operations for which we always pay the largest share of the costs.(2)


(1) The "clear and present danger" doctrine enunciated by Judge Learned Hand, who wrote that it isn't necessary to wait for a plot to be consummated before the government takes action to prevent its own overthrow.
(2) Such as the new SUNFED program of the United Nations wherein it was decided to spend $70 billions and assess us as our share 70%, with the rest of the world contributing only 30%.
We paid in (1960) 43.67% of the UN budget, yet Russia has nine votes to our one (Albania, Bulgaria, Byelorussian SSR, and Union of Soviet Socialist Republics) and pays only 5.45% as its share when it is not years in arrears. We pay their Congo assessment!

It was in 1942 when Harry Dexter White drafted the order closing the gold mines of the country, and someone under Harry Hopkins' authority turned our production equipment for the manufacture of gold mining machinery over to the Soviet Union, where some of it is now rusting in open fields in the Kolmyra Gold District of Siberia.

Should we forget and forgive? NO!

What they did is not just dead history. Their actions then have had, and will have, a vital effect on our nation's economy and the lives of every one of us.

Dr. Franz Pick, the outstanding authority on international currencies and gold says, "We are in a full monetary crisis. At the present speed of debasement, $9-3/4 millions of purchasing power of public and private debt are being wiped out in this country every hour on the hour.

"This rather dramatic fact affects your business, your corporations, your private investments and, what is more important, your future."

Our gold policy is not only a matter of interest to the Treasury, the bankers, or the gold miners. It is a matter of the greatest importance to our national security. Our Government's gold policy has weakened the American economy at its foundations and left our farmers, doctors, business men, factory workers, and teachers, who are on a fixed income basis, vulnerable to a far greater and more cruel economic crisis than that precipitated during the Great Depression. This gold policy has siphoned away our political liberties and strengthened the Socialistic influences within our country while at the same time it increased the absolutist powers of our government. Most important of all, it has caused hidden and dangerous weaknesses to develop in the ability of our nation to wage war to defend itself.

Vital and courageous people do not sit quietly by and await an inevitable danger which may overtake and destroy them. They attack and free themselves through the development of intelligent countermeasures against the threatening danger.

For years you have been hearing about "all that gold in Fort Knox."

If you think:
-that this gold protects your future,
-that there is any gold back of the printing press currency in your pocket,
-that tit is a reserve to protect or pay national debts or Government bonds,
-that it adds strength and security to trust funds or insurance,
-that any United States citizen in this country could receive any of it,
-that gold is continuing to be sent to this country from foreign nations,
-that this gold would be available to banks or business in this country to support our economy during a depression,


One of the greatest deceptions ever perpetuated upon our people is the carefully built up belief in the minds of our citizens that "our money is safe because of the gold reserves in Fort Knox." Following this propaganda screen we have been led into the greatest inflationary and debt binge in history.

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Don't feed the pandas. Ever.

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Don't feed the pandas. Ever.

Chapter 4: The Government Takes All Our Gold

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Don't feed the pandas. Ever.