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Rand Paul or No One - the strategy

The strategy is simple and it is the culmination of everything Ron Paul has done up to this point politically. We have proven that the libertarian wing of the Republican party is a few million strong. This was arguably the reason why Romney lost in the general election. "Ron Paul people cost us the election". You're familiar with that line and it's true that very few of us showed up to vote for Scumney.

The Strategy in a nutshell:

Let mainstream GOPers know either with subtlety or in no uncertain terms, depending on what you think will be most effective, that you will vote for Rand Paul or No One in the general election so if they manage to force another establishment jerk on us like Rubio, Santorum or any other fake Tea Party puppet they dream up, this candidate will not get your vote in the general election. This is the conscious or even better subconscious leverage we need for Rand Paul to dominate and win the Republican nomination, a landslide that could even overcome election fraud.

This is the Ace in the hole for the liberty movement in regard to Rand Paul. We will refuse to support any one but Rand Paul in the general election. I'm going out on a limb but I think the average dumbed down Republican voter can put 2 and 2 together and will realize that if they support anyone but Rand they cannot possible win the general election without the support of the liberty wing of the GOP.

I understand that some think that a "true" libertarian has a chance to win the general election. I'm just disagreeing and throwing my support behind Rand because in my estimation no other decent candidate has a chance, including Ron unfortunately.

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It's a tactic I used with this last election but no one took us

seriously. They were sooooo sure Obama could be beaten by a ham sandwich and that who they chose mattered not. Many people warned them that Romney would lose critical support and yet they plowed ahead anyway thinking they didn't need the liberty faction.

It's possible if we try this again....promote it I mean... that they may actually believe us this time because of the disaster of Romney.

One last thing. It's a tactic that is really on based in reality. Rand Paul is the only one in the Republican or Democratic party that I would vote for at this point. So .... it doesn't matter if they believe us or not, it's not going to change the reality that right now its "Rand Paul or No One at all". If it becomes common knowledge that the liberty faction is a stubborn voting block they may realize that if the GOP wants to be in power they will have to choose a Paul.

On target, but I'd frame it a

On target, but I'd frame it a bit differently. Rather than "Rand or no one", which eliminates the possibility of another liberty movement candidate (even though admittedly I don't know of a more likely alternative), I'd prefer to just say who is acceptable and who is not. Rand is, Rubio, Jeb, Kristie, Santorum etc. are not.

But the main thing is to make it clear that those who are unacceptable are unacceptable under all circumstances - that there is absolutely no possibility that such candidates will get your vote, that you'd just as soon see a Dem elected as another Rino, so if your GOP friend wants to win in 2016 it must be with a liberty candidate period.

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I would agree with the

I would agree with the sentiment but I don't think they care if they lose. At least the puppet masters pulling the strings don't care. That is why they have one of their guys on each side. If they don't want Rand in there they'll just see to it their other candidate gets in there.

Rand may very well win over the majority of conservative voters but that doesn't matter.

Having said all that it is worth a shot we can't do any worse then what we already have.

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Tactical, make it clear

"...if they manage to force another establishment jerk on us like Rubio, Santorum or any other fake Tea Party puppet they dream up, this candidate will not get your vote in the general election..."

It's also time to do some outreach.

Ever notice on facebook those friends who always "Like" your liberty-leaning posts?

Reach out to them, get their butt in a seat at a GOP meeting. Work on bringing people in numbers to weight your voice.